Time Tracking Software and Other Time Management Tools For Your Business

Time Tracking Software and Other Time Management Tools For Your Business by Lanteria

Managing Time and Attendance for your organization is one of the most complex and costly aspects of modern HR Management. Organizations are facing many challenges, impacting both profit margins as well as operational excellence. If you’ve had problems with Time and Attendance management in the past you are also aware of the impact it can have on company culture and employee motivation.


From the companies’ standpoint, the risk comes in form of unnecessary spending when employee’s time and attendance are managed poorly, or when employees intentionally or accidentally take additional time off that was not negotiated beforehand with the appropriate supervisor or other common errors that occur.

From the employee’s perspective, the management of Paid Time Off, Sick Time, Leave of Absences, Maternity and Paternity leave, etc. can be vital to maintaining a not only steady financial income during difficult times but also be the key to a healthy work-life balance, ensuring job satisfaction resulting in less turnover for your company.

The benefits also reach into the IT department for installation is simple and Lanteria offers many levels of implementation assistance. Once the program is installed, it requires very little involvement from the IT department and the user-friendly interface can be customized by the HR managers handling Time and Attendance for the organization. In a world where everything relies on technology, IT departments welcome the opportunity to streamline this process, create transparency and have a pleasant working relationship with their colleagues in the HR department.



Manual time management is one of the most time-consuming operational activities and manual documenting and processing of all absences and timesheets, especially during the salary calculation cycle, requires a lot of detail-oriented effort. Documents and approvals that require multiple signatures involve not only HR personnel, they also expend time and efforts from employees and managers. With every document in transition risk increases, time is wasted, and productivity is affected company-wide. Mistakes are made, documents get lost, employee files end up incomplete and considering that Time and Attendance are regulated by local labor legislation, such a mistake might risk optimum profitability, your company’s reputation and possibly even long-term sustainability.


Without an automated time management system, it is very difficult to manage employee absences, time-off requests and scheduling and availability, especially at a project or service-based organization. For all companies that provide any kind of service, to maintain quality assurance it is vital to respond to customers in a timely fashion, or even 24/7 support depending on contractual terms. On holidays or during popular vacation times or times of transition, staffing can become a challenge and automating this process can be the key to maintaining organizational flow and proper training of new team members.


The bottom line is that automating Time Management and implementing an easy-to-use, self-service, employee portal to assist in this area is one of the most cost-efficient HR implementations you can choose for your company, and it will save time and money, enhance your productivity, and create engagement from all parties by allowing each member of the team the power to manage their own time.


Let’s highlight the main features of the Time and Attendance Module


Absence Plans & Quota Management

This function allows you to navigate complicated rules and regulations regarding calculating absence quota for employees. Not only can you create one, basic formula for calculating and assigning Paid Time Off for your employees, you can also create complex formulas for succession planning, sabbaticals, like Maternity/Paternity leave, FMLA, and other special circumstances of both paid and unpaid time off. Once created, the formula distributes Absence Quota for all your staff and proves an excellent resource for effectively managing a team. Another option is to create separate rules for different countries, which is important for international companies as each country observes different legislation. Calculated quota is reflected on each employee's time card, showing the main principle, how it was calculated, and deducting time off as it’s been approved. This ensures transparency within the company as each employee can see clearly, how their personal quota was calculated, how much time off they have accumulated and used, in real-time and plan their lives accordingly.


Absence Management and Time Planning

Automating time-off requests and approvals will save a significant amount of time, as well as greatly reduce costs related to human error. For the managing supervisor, repeated tardy and absences, extended breaks, and other common errors are easy to identify and review with the data to support you in your decision-making process. The self-service portal allows the employee to see all their data each day and eliminate the element of surprise by creating trackable transparency and giving them the power to manage their own time.  



Time-off requests are integrated to an Out of Office Calendar, allowing you to efficiently manage Project Costs and Resources. When the manager can plan for absences and vacations they are able to efficiently prepare for any critical tasks that must be handled during their absence. For Project-based organizations, it also helps to provide Timesheets for customer projects and invoice customers accordingly.



With reports easy to access, HR can manage pending Absence Requests and move them forward to approval with ease. They can also analyze employee absences and manage attendance related concerns when necessary. It simplifies roll-over PTO, unused vacations and sick time, and monitors labor laws as well as enables control of absence quota over-usage. Timesheet reports provide the opportunity to track booked hours for internal and customer projects and help to manage independent projects efficiently.


Employee & Manager Self-Service Portals

The user-friendly, self-service portal allows both employees and managers to register time-off into the system and automate all approval processes to significantly save time and reduce the workload of all involved parties, not only HR. Do not underestimate the value of streamlining this process for it can be a huge drain on productivity and increase your risk of human error to continue to handle these manually! This function makes employees participants of the process, engages them, creates ownership, and gives control to HR and management throughout the process.


Lanteria provides the most efficient solution to manage Time & Attendance in your company and has the longevity and clientele to prove it with more than 250 customers in over 40 different countries. Lanteria is applicable to businesses of all sizes and is scalable to grow with your company as you increase your number of employees from 50 to 50,000!

Our company boasts extreme flexibility in providing custom solutions, covering regional labor laws and related policies and procedures. Our Development center effectively implements customized solutions, and the Support team is here for our customers 24/7 to provide real-time assistance. Take your HR department to the next level – and enjoy a consistent, simple and cost-effective solution customized just for your organization!



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