Tips & Tricks for Managing Remote Teams using Lanteria HR


Many of our clients have reached out while their teams are transitioning to working remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic. With so much uncertainty in the air, daily tasks can feel overwhelming, and having to form new work habits in your home can make these tasks feel even more difficult. For those of you who aren’t used to working remote, we’ve compiled what’s been most helpful for our users so far:

Setting up Performance Check-ins & Ad Hoc Reviews for Accountability

Performance Reviews are even more crucial when working with a remote team to ensure everyone is supported in moving forward with their daily tasks from home. Set up formal reviews or informal check-ins for the duration of the quarantine to keep Performance from being negatively affected by the changes.


Create a new PTO Type for Temporary Remote Employees

Many HR managers are struggling to keep track of which employees are working remotely, and when they started doing so. In addition, tracking absences due to the illness, or precautionary guidelines, has proven challenging without a way to flag them as part of the same category. Create a new Absence Type to categorize your organization’s PTO, stay organized and save yourself from a hassle down the road.


Remote Timesheet Entry & Approval

HR Managers and Supervisors can set up Timesheets where individual Project Time can be tracked, and employees can enter detailed information about how they are spending their remote workday. Of course, sick-leave and other PTO requests can still be approved remotely.


Keep Recruiting Efforts Strong

Many companies are switching to virtual interview processes, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of this feature if you aren’t already. Set up online interviews with multiple attendees, review candidate info and mange the entire Recruiting process virtually, especially since shifts in the job market are expected as a result of the pandemic.


Employee Feedback Portal

Communication can make or break a team, so it’s vital to keep people talking to each other when working remote. The Employee Feedback Portal allows all employees to give and request feedback from one another publicly or privately. They can award one another badges for various accolades, which is great to boost morale!


Don’t Stop Learning!

Clients who have implemented a virtual Learning Catalog, and are using our LMS for developing their teams are seeing an uptick in use from remote employees who are using quarantine time to catch up on both required and optional learning videos, quizzes, and using the discussion board to learn and share with coworkers.


We will continue to update you with ways Lanteria can help, but until then please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Lanteria Team with any questions or comments!


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