Tutorial: How to create customized interview forms

Well structured processes are key to running business smoothly - and hiring is one of the most crucial ones. Building a perfect team is a goal of any HR professional, this is why you should always keep an eye on your hiring strategy and make sure your candidates’ evaluation process is strong and consistent. 

Having a lot of applicants doesn’t make this task any easier, though. But there’s one thing you can do to simplify your hiring significantly - creating customized interview templates for different job openings.

Lanteria Recruiting solution provides an easy-to-use Interview builder to help you streamline your hiring process. Here’s how it works.

The interview form is selected at the step when we create the Interview Stage for the job opening.

When we created a job opening, we go to Actions – Details: 

For Interview Stages click Add New Stage and select custom form in the Interview Form Template:


To create a form that you would like to use for your interviews you will need to open the following lists in the Site Content:


First, please open Interview Form Templates and create a title for a new form:


Then, open the sharepoint list = Interview Form Sections list and add sections to the template you just created:


Description of interview form Section Types:

  1. Summary Rating – drop down list of interview results; data is populated from the Interview Summary Scores list (Site Content)
  2. Competencies – job role competencies populated from the competencies framework; in the interview form you’ll get the competencies assigned to the vacancy job role
  3. Job Requirements – list of job roles requirements populated from the Job Requirements list (Site Content); you can assess them using the scale that you can configure in the Job Responsibilities level list (Site Content)
  4. Person Attributes – list of skills populated from the Person Attributes list (Site Content)
  5. Form Fields – you can create your own questionnaire which will be included into the interview form. To do this you need to use another sharepoint list = Interview Forms list. You can find it in the Site Content as well. 

Please do the following:

  1. Open the Interview Forms list, click LIST tab 


  1. c. Create a new column with the required properties.
  2. d. Then copy & paste the field title to the Section Fields box in the Interview Form Section form:


After you save the form, you can use for interviewing your candidates.

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