Write the Best Employee Testimonial Request Letters

Write the Best Employee Testimonial Request Letters
Create an Excellent Employee Testimonial Request Letter

Employee testimonials help fill up vacant jobs in your companies. Job seekers want to know what to expect of the company culture - and what better point of view than those of the company’s employees? These job hunters trust the experience of the employees of your company. 

These testimonials are done by sending out request letters to your employees so they can write about their daily experiences in the company. You have to know what to write and when to send these letters. Proper format and timing are needed to have a good review you’ll need for the company. In this guide, we’ll provide you with various employee testimonial templates to make your life easier!

What Is an Employee Testimonial Request Letter?

When you send out an employee testimonial request letter, you’re asking your employees to share their experiences in your company. Job seekers often look at the company's background and culture before applying. They are usually attracted to employee-written stories that offer an inside look at the company.

Employee testimonials give applicants a glimpse of what they are about to encounter if they get the job at the company. You need a good review from your employees to attract excellent candidates for your job openings. Thus, a well-written testimonial request letter would help your company a lot.

When Do You Send a Testimonial Request Letter?

There is always a right time for everything. You need to send a request letter at a convenient and appropriate time for your employees. Dispatch the request at a time your employees appreciate the company a lot, so being grateful and writing about good encounters in the company is easier.

Here are some of the best time you can send your request letter:

  • After a promotion
  • After your employees get their salaries
  • After a bonus pay
  • After an increase in salaries

How to Write an Effective Testimonial Request Letter

Request letters can be sent through postal mail or email. Remember to write your letter without intimidating your employees. It would be best if you reached out to them with politeness and warm greetings.

Here are some testimonial request letters that you can copy:

  1. After a Promotion

Dear [Employee’s name],

[Company's name] would like to thank you for your hard work. You have been one of our top-performing employees, and we congratulate you on your promotion. Your time and efforts played a huge role in our company that we truly appreciate. 

We want to share stories of the success of our employees and would be pleased to feature you in a testimonial. You can respond to our email with your written or video testimonial. 

Congrats again on your promotion, and thank you for always doing your best for our company. We will continue to support you with your present and future endeavors.


 [HR Head Name]

 [Company Name]

  1. After an Increase in Salaries

Dear [Employee’s name],

You are one of [Company’s name]’s employees that will receive a salary increase. You have been working hard, and we would like to let you know that we appreciate your efforts.

With regards to this, we would like you to share your experience with the company on our website. You can click on this link or respond to our email with your written or video testimonial. 

Congratulations on your increase in salary, and thank you for doing your best for our company. We hope to continue working with you and will support you in your company performance.


 [HR Head Name]

 [Company Name]

Attaching an Employee Testimonial Template to Request Letters

Job applicants find employee contact numbers on sites to know more about the company. They would also send out emails to get your employees’ testimonials. 

Most of the time, your employees would find it difficult to start their testimonials. This may be because they haven’t done one before and have no idea how testimonials work. In this case, you can attach several employee testimonial email templates when you send out request letters. It would also lessen your waiting time for your employees’ testimonials. The readily available template would be convenient for your employees to use. 

You can follow the following employee testimonial example:

Attaching Links to the Company Website

Subject line: Working Experience at [Company’s Name]

Dear [Applicant’s Name],

I have been working at [Company's Name] for quite a long time. I want to share what things you can expect to encounter when you decide to join our company. You can visit the following links on our websites to learn about my experiences and our company's culture.

  • [link to your story at company’s website]
  • [link to other employees’ testimonials]
  • [link to photos and videos at different company events]

I hope you can have a glimpse of your future when you become a part of our company.


[ Name of Employee]

[Company’s Name]

Sharing Experience Directly

Dear [Applicant’s Name],

I have worked for [Company’s Name] since [Starting Year of Career]. I want to share with you my personal experiences with the company. 

[Share stories on your daily experience with the company]

Example of how to start your story: My work starts at 8 am. I am assigned to the Marketing team. We think of strategies to boost our company’s engagement with our customers. It usually takes us a day of planning and a lot of weeks to execute our plans. I have my best experiences with my colleagues. We are able to create creative techniques to increase our company’s sales.

I have attached several photos of my memories with the company.

[Photo attachments]

I hope this will help you envision your stay once you join our company.


[ Name of Employee]

[Company’s Name]

Share Testimonials Now

Your hiring period will be easier with the use of your employees’ testimonials. It will be an edge for your HR team if your company has good reviews since more job seekers will be attracted to your job openings. 

You need to create well-written request letters for your employees and can attach templates for their testimonials for their convenience. Lanteria creates many request letters and testimonial templates. They are known as one of the best HR platforms that big companies use. Create an account for your company and send the best request letters and testimonials template now!


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