Release Notes

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.159 - 07/18/2019

Recruiting - Issue fix - The job opening description can be defined as Enhanced Rich Text.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - In the dynamic mode, the Absence Schedule will be also displayed in Kendo or standard mode, depending on the Chart Mode setting.

Report Builder - Issue fix - The lists with broken permissions will not prevent creating reports in the Report Builder. An error will be displayed in the event viewer. The list with broken permissions will not be available when selecting lists for the custom report.

Recruiting - Issue fix - When publishing several job openings to Seek simultaneously, the job opening details are saved correctly.

Recruiting - Improvement - French translation for the Candidate Documents is implemented.

Core HR - Issue fix - The images are displayed correctly when exporting the Employee Chart to pdf.

Learning - Issue fix - Now a course cannot be assigned twice if it was added to the employee plan in the scope of curriculum, even if there are several events for the same course.

Learning - Issue fix - An employee can see the link to Discussion Board only if he or she attends the corresponding event.

Learning - Issue fix - The manager can access Discussion Board as attendee of  the corresponding event and doesn't have the administrator permissions.

Report Builder - Improvement - When creating a custom report, the Get All Records check box is now available. It enables displaying all the records from both parent and child lists even if the parent list value is empty. For example, if a report consists of the Emergency Contacts list (a parent list) and the Employees list (a child list that is shown as Employees by [Emergency Contacts.[Employee Name] after the Emergency Contacts list is selected), the report will show all the employees regardless of whether an employee has an emergency contact or not. 

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.158 - 07/11/2019

Learning - Improvement - The responses in the Discussion Board are aligned to the left side. The comments are published correctly and are visible to all the participants.

Performance - Issue fix - When printing check-in to PDF, the text is correctly split into pages.

Learning - Issue fix - Chart in the Classroom Activities and Trainers Report is now Kendo chart, which allows correct availability displaying for the multi-day training events. 

Performance - Improvement - For check-ins, the Recent Feedback section is available. It displays the personal employee feedback since last check-in.

Core HR - Improvement - If an employee has pending approval requests, he or she will receive a weekly reminder with a link to My Approval Requests page.

Learning - Improvement - Scheduling Assistant is also available for rooms in the Schedule Interview page.

Learning - Improvement - The Learning Material Categories filter is now available for the Training Schedule. 

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.157 - 07/03/2019

Performance - Improvement - The Summary Rating and Calculated Score are displayed as different columns in the Performance Review Rounds and Performance Reviews pages.

Core HR - Issue fix - The employee photos are displayed correctly even if they have brackets in their title.

Core HR - Issue fix - When selecting approver's job role for the approval workflow step, only active job roles are displayed. 

Recruiting - Issue fix - The interview appointments with location specified are sent to the participants with timing correctly adjusted to their timezone. 

Other - Improvement - After updating Lanteria HR to a new version, HR will be informed about this by email with a link to release notes.

Candidate Self-Service - Improvement - A new Useful Links section is available for Candidate Self-Service.

Recruiting - Improvement - Lanteria HR is integrated with the Seek job site. Job openings from Lanteria HR can be published to Seek.

Report Center - Improvement - The Reports section is moved to be displayed as the last item in the menu (relevant for customers with the old content).

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.156 - 06/27/2019

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The decimal values for the work pattern hours now can be set correctly based on the selected regional settings.

Recruiting - Issue fix - The managers can view candidates for the requested job openings.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - The absence request attachments are available from the absence record display form.

Performance - New functionality - One to one feedbacks feature implemented. The employee and manager can create topics (for example, employee tasks) for discussion, discuss them in comments and periodically check in their discussion with comments and the topic statuses. This feature facilitates and makes more effective communication on the employee performance. 

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - After the employee requests changes to the absence record, the approval workflow is started without issues.

Performance - Improvement - The Beginning of Review Rating label in the performance review form is changed to Previous Competency Assessment.

Core HR - Issue fix - Sorting by title on the Employee Documents page works correctly.

Recruiting - Improvement - Users with the Employee role are now able to edit the Personal Attributes/Skills and Form Fields sections of the interview form.

Recruiting - Issue fix - The page sorting works correctly irrespective of the regional settings.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Anonymize Data option is now available for candidates as well.

Core HR - Improvement - The process of adding and editing data on the employee card has been improved. It is now handled by a new system job named Process Employees, which is run hourly.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.155 - 06/14/2019

Performance - Improvement - Now on the Performance Reviews page, on the My Reviews tab, employees and managers can see Summary Rating only for reviews that have already been completed.

Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby in the personal development plan a completion date would be added to a development activity based on the SCORM learning course when the learner closed the SCORM course that was still in progress.

Learning - Improvement - Now you can find a training scheduled for the future date that is up to two years later than the current year.

Integration - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue in the AD integration whereby the employee's manager would not be synchronized with the AD correctly in certain scenarios.

Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby changing the status of a job candidate would also change the status of the neighboring candidate.

Learning - Improvement - Added a new feature: Discussion Board. This functionality enables training event participants to take part in a discussion board, which is a page visible to training event participants where the participants can discuss any topic, related to the event, in public or private discussions. After you have been added as a participant to a training event, the discussion board can be accessed using the Discussion Board button under the training event development activity in your development plan or using the corresponding action on the training event details page. The training manager, HR, local training manager (if assigned) or internal trainer (if assigned) can add announcements that are visible to all training event participants on the discussion board as well as add a course guide (any additional training-related information, such schedule, guide, links, etc.). From the discussion board, you can also open the training event details to manage attendees if necessary.

Recruiting - Improvement - Added a possibility to restrict access to an uploaded candidate document for the manager and/or recruiting manager.

Core HR - Improvement - From now on when deploying a new version of Lanteria HR, the system job schedule (job run time) is not overwritten with the default schedule in case it was manually changed in the SharePoint Central Administration.