Release Notes

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.154 - 06/10/2019

Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby the list of prerequisites would not be displayed properly when switching filters, and then checking prerequisites in the development plan.

Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby checking prerequisites for a development activity, which is an e-learning SCORM package, would run the SCORM package instead of showing the list of prerequisites.

Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby, in the SQL mode, when applying for training, an incorrect development activity ID would be sent in the link of an email appointment.

Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby a long HR Helpdesk reply would be shown on a single line instead of being broken down into several lines.

Core HR - Improvement - The Performance Scores Distribution chart view type on the Performance dashboard was changed to Pie to avoid layout issue in the scenario when there are 4 or more summary ratings to be shown on the chart.

Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby a training manager couldn't download certificates for employees that are not subordinates.

Time and Attendance - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby, in the Dynamic Absences mode, booked extra time off would be shown in the out of office calendar.

Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby the Fill Form action, added to an HR process template, would not automatically fill in employee data (title, first name, and last name) when starting the HR process.

Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby the Recruiting Manager would be able to access all vacancies and their candidates, including vacancies they are not assigned to.

Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby it wouldn't be possible to batch schedule interviews.

Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby the Export to PDF button would not be available on the Positions Chart page with the Job Assignment Mode setting set to Job Position and the Multiple Job Assignments check box selected in the advanced Org Structure settings.

Time and Attendance - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby acting person requests that have already been approved by the manager would still be shown for the chosen acting person as approval requests that require that acting person's action.

Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby employee data would not be updated properly in various scenarios.

Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby the Assign Mandatory Trainings or Process Absence Plans jobs would not run.

Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue whereby making a future job assignment for an employee would also change the effective date in the salary details.

Learning - Improvement - The behavior of the quiz player has been changed: now when selecting an answer for a question in the quiz player and pressing Enter, the quiz player marks the question as answered and moves on to the next question instead of asking whether you want to complete the quiz.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.153 - 06/03/2018

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When the user selects an employee as acting person for the absence request, the selected employee receives an approval request.

Core HR - Issue fix - Employees with no country defined will not cause  issues with displaying the Company Overview Dashboard.

Core HR - Issue fix - Viewing details of the approval request items is again available from the Approval Requests page.

Learning - Issue fix - When creating or editing a training event, the trainer receives an appointment with correct dates and timings even if his or her timezone is different from that of the location.

Learning - Issue fix - If the date or time of the training event is changed, the changes will be reflected both in calendar and roaster.

Learning - Issue fix - The training event appointment and updates are sent from organizer's email, so that attendees and trainers could send their responses to the organizer.

Recruiting - Issue fix - Only candidates related to job openings with the status Open will be displayed to HR and Local HR in the Candidate Tracking page.

Learning - Issue fix - After creating a training event, the dates and timings are not reset to the default values.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.152 - 05/21/2019

Core HR, Performance - Improvement - The Include Job Competencies Only option is also available for the probation performance reviews. 

Core HR, Performance - Issue fix - The org unit manager can work with the Review Data section during the probation performance review, provided that the Filled By check box is selected for Manager in the review template for the corresponding section type.

Core HR - Improvement - Labels for the Employee Feedback have been improved.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Recruiting texts for the French localization have been improved.

Competence - Issue fix - The Employee Benefits report displays data for the employees according to the applied filter.

Performance - Issue fix - The objectives with empty due date are included into the performance review only if the start date is within the review date range.

Learning - Improvement - When scheduling a classroom training, the inactive locations are not available for selection.

Learning - Improvement - The terminated employees won't be available for adding to the waiting list and attendees list of the classroom training. If any employees from the waiting list are terminated, they will be removed from the list. If any employees from the attendees list are terminates, they won't be removed automatically.

Learning - Improvement - The Learning Catalog search loads data after pressing Enter.

Core HR - Improvement - The approval workflow steps are not assigned to the terminated responsible persons. If the step is to be assigned to one approver (for example, employee's manager) and the approver is terminated, such steps will be skipped. 

Core HR - Improvement - The HR Helpdesk charts will be displayed in the Kendo mode.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - The Absence Schedule will be displayed in Kendo or standard mode, depending on the Chart Mode setting.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.151 - 05/14/2019

Recruiting - Improvement - The Recruiting module texts for the French localization have been improved.

Other - Improvement - Office 365 synchronization now works also for users who has more than 100 groups in Azure.

Core HR - Issue fix - Search for the Company, Location, JobRole and Country pickers works correctly.

Other - Improvement - The SQL Export Job will process the field types other than Boolean, Lookup, User, DateTime and Calculated as Text fields to avoid issues with exporting unknown field types.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - While using the Register Other Absence option, the employee name is updated correctly if changed.

Learning - Issue fix - The user cannot start and complete a quiz with non-completed required prerequisites.

Learning - Improvement - The Export option is now available for the Training Feedback report.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The Time Breakdown Chart of the Timesheet report displays data for the correct number of hours.

Core HR - Improvement - The employee who provided personal feedback can delete the feedback.

Recruiting - Issue fix - The users can access the Candidate Tracking page according to their permissions even for the closed and cancelled job openings.

Core HR - Issue fix - When updating data by importing, if both Title and GlobalId fields are mapped, the employee data will be added or updated according to the following scenario:

  • If GlobalID is empty in the Excel record, we are looking for the employee by title + empty global ID value. If found, update, otherwise add
  • If GlobalID is not empty in the Excel record, we are looking for the employee by global ID only. If any, update, otherwise add

Time and Attendance - Improvement - A new Send calendar appointments setting is available under Settings and Configuration > Time and Attendance > Absences > Advanced to define whether the employees are to receive the calendar appointments for their absences.

Core HR, Learning, Recruiting - Improvement - The current day will be highlighted in the Out of Office Calendar, Interview Calendar and Training Schedule.

Learning - Improvement - For the SQL mode, the information on the development activity creation and last modification (date, time and user) will be displayed.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.150 - 04/26/2019

Core HR, Performance - New functionality - Employees can provide personal feedback for each other on the employee card or request for feedback. Managers can contribute comments on the provided feedback. Feedback can be made public, if necessary, which makes it available for everybody on the Personal Employee Feedback page.