Release Notes

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.50

Core HR - Issue fix - While generating a job contract, Org Unit and Manager fields are populated correctly
Core HR - Issue fix - Possibility of XSS attack through Title field on the HR Process Template Step form is blocked
Core HR - Issue fix - Org Unit Chart reverses correctly to full view after being filtered by location
Core HR - Issue fix - Display form for Employee Documents closes successfully after the document is opened in a new tab
Performance - Issue fix - Performance Review printed form layout adapts successfully to any paper size
Performance - Issue fix - Implemented functionality to enable LocalHR to add ad hoc review
Learning - Issue fix - Development Plan page is refreshed after a learning material form Learning Catalog is added
Learning - Issue fix - Possibility of XSS attack through Title and Room fields on Schedule Training form is blocked

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.49

Core HR - Issue fix - Approval/Comments history for employees' absence approval requests is accessible only to HR, request initiator or people responsible
Time & Attendance - New functionality - A new setting called Absence Allowance Accrual Type was added to select whether to accrue absence allowance by calendar days or by the number of working days in the year, i.e. all days except work pattern days with 0 hours and company holidays. This setting is applicable both to standard and dynamic absence mode. If absence allowance accrual is done by working days and an employee has an approved unpaid leave, the base for allowance accrual is diminished by the number of unpaid leave days
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Automatic timesheet mapping for cases where an employee has a half-day AM company holiday and a half-day PM approved absence is working correctly
Performance - Optimization - Performance Round Details page has been optimized to work with large datasets

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.48

Core HR - Issue fix - Top Level Job Role property of an Approval Workflow Step is stored correctly
Core HR - Issue fix - The approval workflow stops at the level of the job role determined by the Top Level Job Role field when Department Managers is selected as Approver
Core HR - Issue fix - Possibility of XSS attack through Title field on the HR Process Start form is blocked
Core HR - Issue fix - Local HR has access to Job Contracts of employees within his/her responsibility
Time & Attendance - Improvement - Absence Records Report default date range is set to current calendar month instead of current calendar year
Time & Attendance - Improvement - Business Trip Types can be made country-specific
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Additional filter values in the by-day view of Out of Office Calendar inherit the values from calendar view of the Out of Office Calendar
Performance - Issue fix - Review Data Fields sequence set within Performance Review Form Template Designer for a specific template is preserved on Performance Review Form
Performance - Issue fix - {ReviewRoundName} variable in the Performance Review Letter Template is correctly replaced with variable value
Performance - Issue fix - Active Reviews counter displays the correct number of reviews for Local HR
Other - Modification - HR Logging Service changed

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.47

Core HR - Modification - In cases where HR Process Action is of type Notification employees from both the Responsible Role and Notification Recipients fields will receive notifications
Core HR - Issue fix - Settings and Configuration are accessible from Safari
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Employee Picker behavior corrected so that managers can register absences for their employees
Performance - Issue fix - Competency validity data is updated if SQL storage mode is turned on for competencies
Performance - Issue fix - Mandatory performance review sections with apostrophes in title are validated correctly
Learning - Issue fix - Participate button opens Training Status Checker instead of simply adding a development activity for learning materials where an event is required

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.46

Core HR - Modification - ES HR Admin and ES HR roles have different permissions for Data Import Library
Time & Attendance - Issue fix - Permission validation for editing absence records added for dynamic absences
Learning - Issue fix - There is an ability to manually enter scores for learning materials with Percentage scoring type that are not quizzes
Other - Issue fix - <script> blocks in data entered into custom form fields will be deleted to prevent XSS attacks