Release Notes

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.140 - 01/22/2019

Report Builder - Issue fix - Reports created through the Report Builder can be edited without issues.

Core HR - Issue fix - Employee card will display only full name if there are no sections with the Is Public check box selected.

Learning - Issue fix - The Learning Material Version field is not affected with the list item version.

Core HR - Improvement - In the Approval Requests page, the employee for whom the approval process has been started will be displayed in the Approval Recipient  field.

Core HR - Issue fix - The terminated employees are excluded from the approval request responsible employees.

Performance - Issue fix - The labels in the 360 Feedback Rounds and 360 Feedback pages are synchronized.

Performance - Improvement - The name of the 360 feedback round is added to the 360 Feedback page, as well as path to the 360 Feedback Rounds page.

Compensation - Issue fix - The Salary Review Dashboard works without issues.

Core HR - Improvement - The Start HR Process button is available before clicking View and loading the processes.

Recruiting - Improvement - A job opening can be created only for active job roles.

Recruiting - Improvement - The job openings are sorted alphabetically for the All Open Job Openings option in the Candidate Tracking page.

Recruiting - Improvement  - After selecting a job opening in the Candidate Tracking page, the user can click All Open Job Openings to return to the list of all job openings.

Recruiting - Issue fix - When the user generates candidate letters with the help of the Batch Action option and then clicks Back, he or she will be redirected to the Candidate Tracking page.

Core HR - Improvement - The users with the Employee and Manager roles can upload and edit documents into the Company Documents library.

Recruiting - Issue fix - In the Candidate Creation Wizard, HR users can select among all job openings available in Lanteria HR.

Performance - Improvement - In the employee Competency History, the -1 assessments will be hidden.

Performance - Improvement - When the user exports the data to Excel, AVG and score will be in the two separate columns.

Performance - Issue fix - Several performance reviews can be moved to the status Completed without issues.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.139 - 01/03/2019

Core HR - Issue fix - The Remaining Holidays in the OffBoarding are displayed without issues.

Other - Issue fix - The Excel files with the cell values of the Date type are processed correctly by the data import.

Learning - Issue fix - The employees will not receive the duplicates of the Training Feedback form.

Core HR - Issue fix - The employee is correctly created from the candidate and assigned to a job position.

Recruiting - Issue fix - The managers can view all the job openings requested by them.

Learning - Improvement - When updating the training event date and time, the participants get only invitation for the updated event. The cancellation notification will not be sent.

Learning - Improvement - When creating or editing the learning material and selecting the job roles for which this material will be required or recommended, the user can select only active job roles.

Other - Improvement - The system job naming has been improved.

Learning - Improvement - The name and description of the quiz Number of Attempts field have been improved.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - The outdated (removed) project activities are available for the historical timesheet records.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - When selecting a project activity for the timesheet record, the activities are sorted alphabetically.

Learning - Issue fix - The Learning module menu item is displayed correctly in the Training Schedule and Learning Catalog pages.

Recruiting - Issue fix - When switching between the statuses in the Job Openings page, the selected filter option remains active.

Learning - Improvement - The learning material details layout has been improved to correctly display the long titles of the learning materials.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Applicant Tracking page has been optimized for working with big amounts of data.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.138 - 12/21/2018

Core HR - Improvement - The processes in the HR Processes page will be loaded after clicking View.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When the absence record is approved, the notification is sent once.

Core HR - Issue fix - For the Employee picker, the Active Only display mode is available allowing to hide the terminated employees.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Employee can book the absence, vacation or sick leave for a half of the day.

Core HR - Issue fix - The link in the My Documents page is now correct.

Core HR - Improvement - If the Full Name Template is blank, the employee Full Name can be filled in and updated manually. If the employee full name is to be generated, the default template will be used. If the Full Name Template is defined, the employee full name will be generated based on this template and the manually created or updated names will be automatically reset according to the template.

Performance - Issue fix - In the SQL mode, when the competency is added manually using the Add competency for assessment button in the Employee Competency Assessment page, the Competency History is displayed correctly.

Core HR - Issue fix - The dashboard titles are displayed correctly in French.

Learning - Improvement - The Learning Catalog search is more flexible. The keywords are highlighted in the course title and description in the search results.

Report Builder - Improvement - The reports created through the Report Builder can be filtered so that the Employee role can view only that user's records and custom role can see the records according to the role's permissions.

Learning - Improvement - The labels for the learning material assignment have been improved.

Report Center - Improvement - All the reports are moved to Report Center and separate menus under each module are removed.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.137 - 12/12/2018

Learning - Issue fix - The HR comments are not displayed instead of the Edit link in the Training Requests page.

Learning - Improvement - The process of assigning a missing required course has been simplified. The development activity is added directly after clicking Add next to the missing course in the personal development plan.

Core HR - Issue fix - In the Positions Chart, the Vacant FTE is calculated correctly, taking into account all the main and additional positions.

Learning - Improvement - The layout of the Employee Competence Report has been improved for the cases when no results fit the search criteria.

Learning - Issue fix - The Certificate link is displayed correctly in the development activity after the certificate generation in SQL mode.

Learning - Issue fix - In the SQL mode, the employees can cancel the development activities without issues.

Learning - Issue fix - The expired courses are displayed in the Learning Catalog.

Performance - Improvement - The user interface for the 360 feedbacks has been improved.

Core HR - Issue fix - The employee search and data import work correctly when the full name template is not defined.

Learning - Issue fix - The development activities with the Training Hours scoring type work correctly in the SQL mode.

Recruiting - Improvement - Since DocuSign doesn't support TSL 1.1 any more, the DocuSign integration now works with TSL 1.2.

Compensation - Improvement - The Salary Details can be set up to be viewed and changed by the custom roles.

Report Builder - Issue fix - The reports created through the Report Builder work correctly if the SharePoint lists they are based on have been modified.

Learning - Issue fix - When assigning the courses through the Group Assignment option in the Learning Catalog, the expired learning materials are not displayed in the Learning Material picker.

Performance - Improvement - The Current Responsible field is displayed in the Performance Review Rounds page, the Performance Reviews tab.

Core HR - Improvement - Employee sensitive data can be added and updated using the data import. The data will be encrypted in the list.

Core HR - Improvement - HR processes can be generated for all the employees in the employee database.

Performance - Issue fix - The competency assessments with the -1 score are excluded from the average score calculation for the Talent Pool.

Learning - Issue fix - If the Training Request Approval Action setting is set to Create Activity, after assigning a curriculum to an employee, the development activities and development needs are created for each learning material in the curriculum. Each development need contains a link to the development activity it is related to. If a learning material has the Request Required check box selected, a development need will be created without a link to the development activity, and such link will be added after the training request approval.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.136 - 11/29/2018

Core HR - Issue fix - The employee full name template functionality works correctly with both Middle Initial and Middle Name fields.

Performance - Improvement - If the company and org unit goals are included into the performance review, such goals will be marked with the Company Goal or Org Unit Goal labels in the review form. 

Learning - Issue fix - If a course is mandatory for an employee based on more than one condition, only one development activity or training request per course will be created by the Mandatory Trainings Job. 

Compensation - Issue fix - The Salary Breakdown pie chart in the Compensation dashboard doesn't take int account the zero values.

Other - Issue fix - The custom fields of the Date and Time type will be displayed and processed  correctly.

Other - Issue fix - During data import, the work pattern is updated correctly both in the employee card and the employment history. 

Performance - Improvement - The competency assessments for the Criteria Based assessment method are now displayed in the following format:
Competency Title
Assessed by UserName (date and time): competency level text description (average numeric value for all the criteria).
For example,
Assessed by user1 (10/30/2018 14:45 PM): Needs Improvement (3.6).

Learning - Issue fix - The input of the Cost field in the Development Activity form will be validated and the user will see the error message in case of the incorrect input.

Learning - Improvement - The labels for the buttons used for assigning a course to an employee have been made consistent and dependent on the course type.

Learning - Improvement - A quiz can be set up to allow only the selected number of attempts for passing it.

Other - Improvement - The Password fields in the DocuSign integration and Exchange integration settings display correctly.

Learning - Improvement - Validation for the SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud settings has been implemented.

Learning - Improvement - In the Training Requests page, the requests with the statuses Pending Registration and Pending Approval are formatted with different colors.

Learning - Improvement - In SQL mode, if the user is creating the development activities with the status Completed, the training feedback requests are sent according to the learning material setup.

Report Center - Improvement - The custom reports in the Report Center can be included into the custom groups. The groups will display under the modules.

Core HR - Improvement - The column visibility for the job assignment forms can be now set up under Core HR > Org Structure > Advanced in the Job Assignment Field Configuration field.

Learning - Issue fix - The successfully completed development activities aren't displayed as missing now.

Learning - Improvement - If a course that is mandatory for an employee is a part of a curriculum, this course will be marked with the curriculum name in the employee's Personal Development Plan.