Release Notes

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.134 - 11/02/2018

Core HR - Issue fix - The employee information can be edited without issues with the system locale set to a European country.

Mobile Version - Issue fix - In mobile version, the employee photo is uploaded correctly.

Report Builder - Issue fix - The reports created through the Report Builder work with filters of the Date type.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The employee absence allowance can be manually adjusted.

Candidate Self Service - Improvement - When the candidates accept or reject the job offers through Candidate Self Service, the notification can be sent to HR.

Other - Issue fix - The excessive menu bar doesn't display in the Permissions Editor.

Core HR - Issue fix - The employee photo scaling is proportional with width and hei3уght.

Mobile Version - Improvement - Lanteria HR mobile opens with the home page instead of the employee information.

Learning - Improvement - The required learning materials that haven't been completed by the employee won't be displayed as missing after the material expires.

Learning - Issue fix - The development activity required score is correctly migrated to SQL.

Learning - Issue fix - The external development activities without the external category are displayed in the External Training Report opened in the export mode.

Learning - Improvement - The Automatically Assign Required Training Activities job will create training requests for the learning materials with the Request Required and Event Required check boxes selected. If none of these check boxes are selected, development activity will be created.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.133 - 10/22/2018

Recruiting - Issue fix - The users with the Recruiting Manager role can view the job openings according to their permissions.

Recruiting - Issue fix - The Interview Stage lookup is available in the Schedule Interviews form.

Recruiting - Issue fix - When changing the applicant status through the Batch Actions menu, the statuses are updated correctly.

Learning - New functionality - Now the users can set up time limits for completing the quiz.

Performance - Issue fix - When the Office 365 authentication is enabled, the performance review forms can be submitted without issues.

Recruiting - Issue fix - With the DocuSign integration enabled, the system can send notifications to the interested employees after the candidate signs the document.

Security - Improvement - The system, including Candidate Self-Service, has been completely protected from the cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The filters are available in the Employee Absence Summary page when the page is minimized.

Other - Improvement - After the SQL Export Job is run successfully, the message of the Information type will be displayed in the Event Viewer.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The absence registration form cancellation and closing works correctly.

Learning - Improvement - Paging has been enabled for the Training Feedback Report.

Report Builder - Improvement - The calculated fields can be used as filters in the reports created by means of the Report Builder.

Recruiting - Issue fix - The users with the Manager role can create the job openings.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The public holidays are displayed correctly in the terminated employees' timesheet calendar.

Core HR - Issue fix - The Headcount Turnover Report opens without issues.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.132 - 09/29/2018

Learning - Issue fix - The Add Course form title is displayed correctly, without the extra tags.
Recruiting - Improvement - If the user uploads an incorrect document for signing, the corresponding message is displayed in the Candidate Documents form. The error won't be duplicated in the event viewer.
Integration - Improvement - The DocuSign Synchronization Job is disabled by default.
Learning - Issue fix - The learning materials with special symbols in the material name can be created without issues.
Performance - Improvement - A new Competency Report is now available for checking the employee latest competency assessment or competency assessments for the selected period/selected performance review. The report is working in both SQL and SharePoint modes.
Other - Issue fix - The SQL Data Export Job copies the SharePoint list structure and data to the SQL tables without issues.
Performance - Improvement - If the Calculate Bonus check box is selected for the performance review round, during the performance review, the calculated bonus amount will be displayed next to each employee objective according to the objective contribution to the total bonus amount.
Recruiting - Improvement - The Applicant Tracking page loads faster.
Learning - Issue fix - The Schedule Training button is not available for the expired learning materials.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - Approved absence requests can be set up to be registered in the Outlook calendar as appointments.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The absence allowance for the employees with the the absence plan rules based on the Length of Service is generated correctly.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.131 - 09/18/2018

Core HR - Issue Fix - After deleting item from a child view on the employee card (e.g. Emergency Contacts, Education, etc.), the system redirected to the employee card.
Core HR - Improvement - Now the termination form will be locked until all data is saved to prevent conflicts.
Time & Attendance - Issue Fix - A typo in the captions of the Vacation Statistics and My Team Absence Statistics reports were fixed.
Time & Attendance - Improvement - Now the add/edit absence form will be locked until all data is saved to prevent extra clicking and conflicts while saving.
Compensation - Issue Fix - Employees with empty salary details will not be included into a salary review round.
Recruiting - New Functionality - A new timer job for synchronization with DocuSign was added.
The job will get all documents from DocuSign with changed status, update sign status in the system and replace the documents with signed ones.
Recruiting - Improvement - Now DocuSign documents, declined by a candidate, can be updated and sent for signing again. The resent document will get a new envelope ID and will available for signing on the Candidate Self Service page under My Documents.
Performance - Improvement - A new label Inactive was added to the corresponding competencies on the Job Description page.
Performance - Improvement - Now the letter subject of the performance review step can contain the same placeholders as the body.
Learning - Improvement - Paging was added to the learning catalog. The page will display 100 learning materials per page.
Learning - Issue Fix - The Training Event Details print from now functions properly in various browsers. 
Learning - Improvement - Now the system displays the  amount of created and completed development activities when learning courses results from LinkedIn Learning are uploaded.
Learning - Improvement - Now if development activities are created via curriculum assignment, the development activities order will correspond to the courses order in the corresponding curriculum.
Learning - New Functionality - Integration with SCORM Engine was implemented.
Now the SCORM provider can be selected in the Learning module settings. Available options are Share Point Learning Kit, SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud.
Access can be configured in SCORM Settings and the system will work with e-learning courses from SCORM Engine.
Learning - Improvement - Now after running an E-Learning material, the system does not open any extra pages. Only the page with run E-Learning course is opened.
Learning - Issue Fix - The issue with uploading an E-Learning course into the learning catalog was fixed. Now if the SCORM provider is SharePoint Learning Kit, new courses will be added without any errors.
Learning - Issue Fix - The ability to review a quiz after completion of development activity was fixed. Now the Review Quiz button is available on completed development activities in the employee development plan.
Learning - Issue Fix - Now development activity value will be stored correctly in both storage modes (SharePoint and SQL) when uploading employee certificates. 
Other - Improvement - The Training Feedback label was corrected in Training settings in the Learning module.
Other - Improvement - The layout was fixed in SCORM settings in the Learning module.
Other - Improvement - The Run Now button was hidden for disabled timer jobs. 
Other - Improvement - The Password field value is hidden in the DocuSign integration settings.
Other - Improvement - Processing of entities (interview forms, schedule interview and job positions) was implemented via run with elevated privileges (from the system account).

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.130 - 09/04/2018

Time & Attendance - Issue fix - The following issues were fixed in both modes (regular and dynamic) :

  • The system did not display the vacation request by special rule on the My Absences page in the Booked pane >> As a Pending request. The system did not display the vacation request by special rule in the My Team Absence Statistic.
  • The system did not display the vacation request by special rule in Vacation Statistic.

Performance - Issue fix - The Show All and Show Active filters on the My Goals page did not work properly..

Performance - Issue fix - An error was fixed on the Performance review page in case there was no review for an Employee in the system.

Performance - Issue fix - Date Filter was synchronized with the employee picker on the Performance Review Round page.

Learning - Issue fix - A layout-related issue on the Cancel Assignment form was fixed.

Learning - Issue fix - Training Event Appointment for Training Manager was fixed.

Learning - Issue fix - A typo was corrected in the "Practicum Schedule" section title.

Learning - Improvement - The custom roles (Training Manager / Local Training Manager) are now available on the ribbon on the employee card.

Integration - New functionality - DocuSign Integration was implemented. This functionality was added to the Candidate Documents page that can be opened from the candidate card. A candidate can see and sign documents via candidate self-service. As a result, the document status is updated in Candidate Documents on the candidate card and the document is signed.

Core HR - Issue fix - Job Assignment Form: the "Job Role" picker contained active job roles only.

Core HR - New functionality - A new Dashboard System Usage was added. The following statistics are displayed on this new dashboard: system usage by module system usage by role top users modules usage by role top used pages by role

Compensation - Improvement - A new column Recommended Annual Base Salary was added to Salary Review Round Details. Recommended value can be copied to the Requested Annual Base Salary column by Department Manager or HR.

Candidate Self Service - Issue fix - The date was displayed in the format of the selected locale.

Other - Improvement - The Notification Tasks event receiver was changed. Currently, the system starts the workflow when an item appears in the notification tasks list.

Other - Improvement - Processing of entities (360 Assessments, 360 Forms, and Employee Competency) was implemented via run with elevated privileges (from the system account).

Other - Improvement - The following Improvements to the system jobs were made:

  1. The system jobs now display the job state (Enabled/Disabled).
  2.  The following jobs are disabled by default:
  • Azure Ad integration
  • Azure Ad Photo integration
  • Linked-In Learning Integration
  • Adp integration
  • AD Integration
  • User profiles integration
  • SQL Data Export

Other - A new Functionality - A new job Export data to SQL was added. This job copies the structure and data of the SharePoint lists to SQL tables. By default, this job is disabled.

Other - Issue fix - The issue with a clean Installation: the issue introduced in the update to version 4.3.15, related to the Code field, was fixed.

Other, Report Builder - Issue fix - A Report Export issue with export to .xlsx was fixed.