Release Notes

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.149 - 04/25/2019

Learning - Issue Fix - Now when HR moves an employee from the attendee list to the waiting list or from the waiting list to the attendee list for a classroom event with the Request Required check box selected, the notification emails or emails with requests for approval are no longer sent to any participants for such an activity.

Recruiting - Issue Fix - Interview appointment emails are now sent to candidates with correct encoding in all languages.

Learning - Improvement - Now all reports for all the roles, for which they were available in various menu sections throughout Lanteria HR modules, can only be accessed from the Report Center. In the Report Center, the fields for localization were removed from the Add/Edit forms.

Performance - Issue Fix - Now if a competency has already been assessed and someone deletes this competency, it is also deleted from the related pages (Employee Competency Report, 360 Feedback Result Report, and Performance Review Form), and these related page work properly.

Other - Issue Fix - Fixed the issue that caused the Permissions Editor to not grant configured permissions.

Learning - Improvement - When opening the list of training requests, a tip is displayed that prompts to click the View button to see data.

Learning - Improvement - Now after a training request has been approved or rejected, the corresponding information message is displayed.

Recruiting - Improvement - On the Candidate Tracking page (Recruiting > Candidates or when clicking the Candidates tab on the Job Opening Details page), the following UI changes were made:

  • The Files, Interviews, and Actions column labels are now hidden.
  • The Files link, which opens the candidate documents, is renamed to Documents.

Recruiting - Improvement - Now the interview form can be printed out if need be.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.148 - 04/18/2019

Recruiting - Issue fix - The users cannot access job openings they are not authorized to view.

Learning - Issue fix - Training requests are created correctly in SQL mode (the title and date are populated based on the training event data and the employee is picked up correctly).

Learning - Issue fix - After migrating development activities from SarePoint to SQL, the employees are not duplicated in the attendee list and waiting list.

Other - Issue fix - The employees cannot get data from lists they are not authorized to view using the CAML Query Builder.

Learning - Issue fix - The user can move an employee from the attendees list to waiting list without issues.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - The Time Breakdown chart in the Timesheet Report has been optimized for displaying big amounts of data.

Learning - Improvement - The users can set up Lanteria HR to create the training requests without opening and editing the Training Request form. A new setting has been added under Settings > Settings and Configuration > Learning > Classroom Trainings (Advanced).

Time and Attendance - Improvement - The Kendo style can be applied to the Absences dashboard when working in the dynamic absence mode.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.147 - 04/12/2019

Learning - Issue fix - Date and time specified when scheduling the event are displayed in the Training Schedule with location time zone label.

Learning - Improvement - The Approve/Reject button is not available for the approved training requests.

Learning  - Improvement - Inactive job roles are not available for selection when filtering by job role in the Learning Catalog.

Learning - Issue fix - The spelling mistake corrected in the form used for registering the approved pending requests.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - If employee's manager changed, the existing absence requests are reassigned to a new manager (also works for dynamic mode).

Core HR - Improvement - When changing job, the inactive job positions are not available for selection.

Learning - Issue fix - If an old SCORM course (created before the version 4.4.131) is added to a learning material, it will be assigned a SCORM course ID so that the users could launch it.

Learning - Issue fix - Employees receive the training event appointments with time recalculated for their timezone.

Other - Issue fix - The SQL Export job successfully processes lists with multilookups.

Core HR - Issue fix - The main assignments and additional assignments are correctly considered in the FTE calculation for the Company Overview dashboard.

Performance - Issue fix - When exporting the performance review data to PDF, the action buttons are removed.

Other - Issue fix - The user can work with a system job under System Settings > System Jobs after clicking a link in the Schedule column.

Other - Issue fix - The Employee picker works correctly even if there are employees with the blank Title field.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.146 - 04/04/2019

Mobile - Issue fix - The users can edit absences in dynamic mode without issues.

Learning - Improvement - Launching a course that is a part of your development plan is now possible from the learning material details.

Recruiting - Issue fix - Job opening created by copying won't be displayed in the list of job openings with the status Open until the start date is defined and valid.

Learning - Issue fix - Missing mandatory learning materials can be added to the personal development plan.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - If the Hide sick leave details from managers check box is selected in the Time and Attendance settings, the Type, Sub Type and Payment Status fields in the Out of Office Calendar are hidden from both manager and employee roles.

Recruiting - Issue fix - The scheduled interview is not duplicated in the Interview Calendar.

Integration - Issue fix - The Predictive Index report is uploaded once even if Email and Personal Email for the employee are the same.

Performance - Improvement - The 360 Feedback forms are available for external reviewers. Custom reviewer groups can be set up in addition to the out of the box ones (Employees, Managers, Peers, Self-estimation).

Performance - Improvement - Performance of generating forms for the ad hoc performance review has been improved.

Learning - Issue fix - When updating the training event date and time, the participants get only invitation for the updated event.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - If employee's manager changed, the existing absence requests are reassigned to a new manager (currently works for regular mode only).

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.145 - 03/26/2019

Learning - Issue fix - The training feedback form is sent to employee only after the corresponding development activity for him/her has been completed or after his/her status is set to Attended.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - Local HR and custom roles based on the Local HR role can upload and download documents for their employees.

Candidate Self-Service - Issue fix - The candidate status is changed based on the candidate answer if corresponding settings are defined.

Learning - Improvement - Time in the Training Schedule is displayed with the timezone.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Employees and managers can download the absence attachments without issues.

Learning - Issue fix - The Training Feedbacks report can be viewed by a specific learning material or trainer.

Core HR - Issue fix - The working group members selected during the group creation are saved correctly.

Other - Issue fix - Notification tasks are correctly created for the reminder rules even if several rules are set up for the same rule type.

Other - Issue fix - The SQL Data Export job processes fields of the Guid and Integer types.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Clean Data Job deletes not only candidates, but also all the related data (applicants, interviews, HR processes and so on).