HOW TO: Create a new field in the Employees list

Very often Lanteria technical team gets requests to create new fields to be displayed on the Employee Card. You can easily do this yourself using the standard SharePoint functionality.


Types of fields

You can create customized fields to the Employees list with the following field properties:



Field Property


Single line of text


Allows to add up to 255 characters

Multiple lines of text

Allows to add larger texts to the field; you can choose an option to add plain or rich text with pictures, tables, etc.


Allows to add as many choice options as you need and display them in drop-down menu, radio buttons, checkboxes.


Allows to add numbers; you can specify minimum and maximum values for this field, display in percentage; also by selecting Calculated Value you can add the formula in SP format and the system will do auto calculations for this field (this is an advanced option and possible formulas are available in SP tutorials)


Allows to determine currency

Date and Time

Allows to add Dates


Allows to connect the new field with the fields in other lists; using this option you can add a few non-lookup fields from one list


Allows to create Yes/No checkbox


SharePoint provides more options for the fields properties, however you need to have advanced SP knowledge to use them.


1. Open Site Contents

2. Open Employees list



3. Click List and then Site Settings


4. Scroll down and click Create column


5. Add Column name and select the field properties


Please note that when you add the field for the first time you need to assign a short title without and space in it. After you save the column you can rename the field and create a title with up to 250 characters.

Add New Fields to the Employee Card

1. Open Employee Card Designer (Core HR - Settings)


2. Click Add Field for the section where you need to add a newly created field


3. Select the field from the dropdown list


4. Check the boxes:

a.       New, if you need this field to be displayed when you create a new employee;

b.      Display, if you need this field to be visible to everyone who has permissions for this section;

c.       Edit, if you want to have an option to edit this field.

For example, if you select a combination New + Edit, this field will be available for you only when you create a new employee and when you edit his / her data, i.e. in display mode this information won’t be visible.

5. Click OK to save settings!

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