Check-ins - ongoing one-to-one performance conversations

More and more companies tend to revise the way they manage employee performance. Performance management processes are revamped or completely replaced with the intention to find a more progressive approach to productivity. The annual performance review often becomes just a formality, and progressive organizations are now trying out a new approach to manage performance – ongoing performance meetings/conversations.

To be able to implement this approach in your company using Lanteria HR, we are glad to introduce a new feature in the Performance application area called check-ins.

A check-in is a semi-formal ongoing one-to-one meeting or conversation between an employee and the employee’s manager where they can give and receive information on any topic, related to the employee’s performance or career development.

Check-in details page

These performance conversations help build relationships. Establishing good rapport between the manager and subordinate helps form a partnership wherein the employee knows that he or she is being supported. Therefore, the conversation's quality is nearly as important as its content. The employee's role is to take responsibility for what they need from the manager as their supervisor. While the manager's responsibility is to provide support and add value that helps the employee perform well. Any topics can be discussed, for example, topics, related to employee’s achievements, goals, tasks, giving advice, feedback, or any other matters that you choose. It is up to you to decide, depending on your organization's business needs, how often these check-in sessions will take place, for how long, and what kind of topics will be discussed.

Check-in topics

The topics discussed by the employee and the employee’s manager can be set up beforehand by both the manager and the employee. Additionally, when a check-in has been started, the manager can add more topics if necessary.

Check-in add a topic

The progress of each topic (completion % and completion status) are updated during the check-in by the manager.

Check-ins progress and status

The topic categories are fully customizable – you can create your own categories to suit your business needs.

Additionally, the Check-in window displays the recent feedback (another new performance-related feature, recently introduced in Lanteria HR) that this employee received if any.

If upon check-in end there are active topics (topics that have not been marked as Completed), these topics will be added to the next check-in session.

Starting/Ending check-in

Check-ins are organized in the form of check-ins sessions that the manager can start and end at any time. It is up to the manager to decide how long check-in sessions will last and how often they will be organized.

How to start Check-in

Ending Check-ins

In the check-in settings, you can set up Lanteria HR to send an email to the manager after a certain number of days after a check-in start to remind that the check-in is still in progress.

During a check-in session, the following can be done by the check-in participants:

Both the manager and the employee can add/delete comments for check-in topics as well as add overall comments (not related to a specific comment).

Check-in comments

  • The manager can add/edit/delete check-in topics

Adding check-in topics

  • The manager can update the progress of a topic or mark a topic as Completed.

Check in topic completed

  • View check-ins that have already been ended, including topics discussed, their status, and given comments.

Past Check-ins

  • View recent feedback if any were received

Recent feedbacks

Check-in report

To get an overview of check-ins, their status and statistics, the manager (as well as HR and Local HR) have access to the Check-in Report in the Report Center.

Check in report center

Thank you for reading, hope you'll find new functionality useful, and don't forget that any feedback is appreciated and will push as in the right direction.


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