Database Administrator Job Description

Database administrators, sometimes known as database analysts, are technicians who store, organize, and maintain a company's data using computer applications. They are involved in the database's planning and development and fixing any difficulties that arise on behalf of the users.

What Does a Database Administrator Do?

The primary responsibility of a database administrator is to ensure the database is up and functioning at all times. Their job is to ensure a smooth flow of data throughout the organization, considering both the back-end data structure and end-user accessibility. They're in charge of creating and implementing data management policies, models, and standards.

Job Profile of a Database Administrator

Lanteria HR is searching for a database administrator that is technically knowledgeable and capable of exceptional performance. The ideal candidate should be the first to respond to database issues in the company and do routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

Besides having technical skills, you should be an exceptional problem solver and have significant knowledge of databases.

Database Administrator: Responsibilities

A Database administrator's tasks and duties include:

  • Changing database processes and ensuring that data is easily accessible to end-users

  • Keeping databases up and running as quickly as possible while also ensuring that the information presented is reliable.

  • Managing database access and ensuring that data is kept up to date

  • Safeguarding against attacks and unauthorized access to the database

  • Assuring that the database is well-backed up and recoverable in the event of memory loss

  • Reporting metrics on data consumption and performance.

Database Administrator: Requirements

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science

  • Advanced certification as an MCDBA or MCSD for.NET

  • Minimum of two years of experience

  • Knowledge of data manipulation languages, such as MS SQL and Oracle Database

  • Knowledge of database administration trends and innovations

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