IT Manager Job Description

An IT Manager is primarily responsible for the management of the company's network and server infrastructure. Information Technology (IT) Management refers to the process by which IT assets and resources are managed and tailored to the company's needs and priorities to achieve its objectives.

What Do IT Managers Do?

IT managers handle the overall IT operations and resources of a company. They are considered to be experts who initiate and monitor activities involving the organization's information and computer systems.

Job Profile of an IT Manager

As an IT Manager, it is ideal for candidates to have a sense of responsibility and accountability in implementing and maintaining the computing and information needs of the company. The following skills are also a must:

  • Critical and Problem-Solving Skills

  • Strategic decision-making

  • Communication and Organizational Skills

  • Ability to work under pressure

IT Manager: Responsibilities

Typical duties of an IT Manager generally include:

  • Assessing the existing IT assets and resources of the company

  • Identifying the IT needs and improvements of the company

  • Developing projects and activities to improve IT systems and capacities of the organization

  • Capacitate other employees/users in effectively utilizing IT resources for company operations

  • Ensuring the functionality and efficiency of IT infrastructure and other related components

IT Manager: Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Information Technology or other related fields

  • Proven experience in IT or computer systems management, or other related careers

  • Strong working knowledge of various computer hardware/software and network systems

  • Strong familiarity with various databases, storage systems

  • Skilled in system administration and personnel management

  • Certifications are a plus (i.e., CAPM, CISSP, TOGAF 9 Certification)

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