Absence approval

Without proper management, requests for leave approval can quickly become a headache for the whole company. Signs that this process is far from perfect are usually clear and impossible to ignore: workflows are confused, approval takes a lot of time and you’re not sure about its compliance.

This usually happens when:

  • A company tracks absences manually - on a paper, or using Excel spreadsheets. Paperwork is something every modern company fights with, but we still hear about companies that prefer to do processes in an old fashioned way. These companies don’t see the whole picture of labor data, focusing on smaller processes.

  • Employees don’t know their leave balances and have to check every time-off with the HR team. This makes an HR manager not only responsible for tracking leave records, but also for responding to each request. In this situation, workers are not happy either, because they have to wait for approval from an HR manager even before they booked the time-off. 

  • Approvals are requested by email. It seems progressive until your email is lost in a manager’s inbox, which happens a lot in organizations that don’t have an absence tracking software in place. 

  • Administrators are confused with managing paid and not paid leave, which leads to major payroll mistakes.

Lanteria HR eliminates the complexity inherent in approval processes with its Time and Attendance module, which has all capabilities of the best leave management software:

  • A company can define its leave policies and rules to ensure compliance and make processes more transparent for the team.

  • Leave balances are calculated automatically and available for employees in their personal records.

  • Employee and Manager self-services streamline processes and reduce the time spent on approval from days to minutes.

  • Managers never miss a time-off request with a full set of reminders and notifications.

  • Comprehensive HR analytics and reporting provided by Lanteria HR, give a full picture of your workforce’s performance to make better, data-driven decisions in the future.

By automating the absence requests approval, you help HR managers focus on their real job and get rid of irrelevant tasks that used to take a bigger part of their day.

Absence request approvals by Lanteria HR