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Project time tracking

Somebody would say keeping track of employees’ time is an aggressive tool to measure productivity and define poor performers - and it could be aggressive if time tracking software is not implemented correctly. But when you put some effort into onboarding employees with a project time tracking solution, it becomes a powerful analytical tool that helps you estimate the burn rate and plan further workload.

To take advantage of time tracking and protect your staff from feeling overwhelmed, follow our advice:

Designed for your business
Choose proper employee time tracking tools. “Just click “clock in” to start and “clock out” when you’re done, what could be easier than that?” - I hear you asking. But great time tracking software is so much more than just switching a timer! Like Lanteria’s Time and Attendance solution, which is both seamless and motivating. With Lanteria, HR staff will get analytical insights, project managers - the ability to discover their team’s performance level, and a workforce would definitely appreciate the mobile app to track their time without opening a browser.
Designed for your business
Always remind employees to register their time. It’s a routine task that workers often forget about, and sometimes it could only be done after constant reminders. Project time tracking software by Lanteria automates this process with pre-scheduled reminders and notifications, ensuring that employees follow the procedure.
Designed for your business
Utilize reports. You can use the data to scale productivity, track employee skills, and predict team performance. Just generate a Timesheet report, and you will have all your data, well structured and visualized, ready to support your business decisions.
Timesheet management interface with weekly view.