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International absence policies

Each country has its own rules for paid and unpaid vacations. Modern time and attendance software allows managers and set these rules once for each location and the system will calculate it automatically.

In real-life not only different locations cause the variability of labor laws and rules on how to calculate employee payroll. Some individuals can be hired in special exceptional conditions. And some conditions may have corrections caused by life circumstances.

Nowadays, time and attendance software is not only about automation. It’s about the culture of performance, transparency, trust, and inclusion.

Lanteria HR's Time & Attendance module designed to provide managers with customizable UI to allow the use of various types of employee absences, including annual leave, maternity/paternity leave, public holidays, training days, etc.

You can also create absence plans and approval workflows based on country-specific rules or location differences when it comes to local regulations. Then a manager can assign it directly to the employee card or groups of employees. No need to do that each time you add an employee. If no plans are assigned to the employee, the system will look at whether there are absence plan allocation rules that determine allowance generation for the employee's country. In case the absence allocation rules are not set up, the system will use the default absence plan for allowances generation.

In the Time and Attendance module menu, you can set the company holidays on the country level.

Such complicated automation by connecting the dots between employee and company data allows the manager to see the absences from a helicopter view. Just open an absence calendar and watch the list of employees who are in office (or out of the office) on a specific date.

Company out-of-office calendar interface.

Old-fashioned corporations provide employees with one-size-fits-all absence policies. That’s tangling negotiation with z-generation which values are about schedule agility and pay-for-performance. For sure, when it comes to payroll accounting in a rules-based company, there is no way for personalization. This is something young geniuses waiting for from a modern company. And you’re going to be there.

Time and Attendance software solution is a tool designed to shift company culture to the next level.