Global PTO Management

Managing leave requests and tracking absences is a common headache for HR managers, especially in global organizations. Manually calculating absence allowances, approving leave requests in time and maintaining out-of-office calendar - all these processes get even more complicated when your company has multiple offices around the world.

Not to mention that manual time and attendance tracking takes a lot of manager’s time and often leads to errors and miscommunication between employees and their supervisors.

Luckily, in the digital era, you can finally simplify these processes by using the right tools, known as PTO (paid-time-off) tracking software. This software instantly becomes a valuable asset of the employee management system in any global company.

PTO management software by Lanteria:

Designed for your business
Automatically calculates absence allowances
Designed for your business
Helps define custom leave policies and rules
Designed for your business
Creates a global dashboard for offices in different regions
Designed for your business
Provides 24/7 access to the shared calendar and employee personal records
Designed for your business
Automates the time-off approval process with Self-Service tools
Designed for your business
Reduces the time for approval from days to seconds with Lanteria HR mobile app

Aside from these, Lanteria’s Time & Attendance Module gives you the power to customize your workflows and build custom HR processes, designing your own PTO tracking software, perfectly tuned to your company’s needs.

Employee absence tracking interface with leave details.