Applicant tracking

Hiring is one of the most expensive HR processes in a company. Building a perfect team takes a lot of time, and if some recruiting tasks haven’t been automated yet, your company will spend more money on manual HR processes and less on critical challenges like writing job descriptions, performing interviews and hiring the best possible candidates for your team.

There are four signs you should consider automating your applicant tracking process:

  • Cost-per-candidate is extremely high

  • HR staff is overloaded with CVs

  • You’re not sure about compliance

  • Manual work takes your company back

Proper ATS solves all of the issues above, allowing you to worry less about the paperwork and be more focused on your mission.

Recruiting module by Lanteria streamlines the entire applicant tracking process.

With SharePoint ATS by Lanteria you can:

  • Attract more candidates with corporate Career Site

  • Promote your job openings to a variety of job boards in just a few clicks

  • Collect resumes using Applicant Self Service

  • Store all candidate’s data, CVs and skillsets in a secure storage

  • Screen and test candidates to choose the best fits

  • Automatically schedule interviews

  • Improve workplace diversity and ensure your company is compliant

  • Simplify the communication with email templates and automated messages

  • Eliminate up to 100% of the paperwork

Applicant tracking using Lanteria HR

Remember, 75% of companies already use some form of applicant tracking software, saving their time, cutting expenses, and becoming more competitive on the market. Don’t stay behind the curve - step up your hiring game with Lanteria HR!