Managing and approving job openings

Today’s hiring becomes a more and more challenging procedure. Companies struggle to build a highly efficient team of professionals without spending too much on recruitment. Employees demand more than just a competitive salary. Laws require hiring for diversity and inclusion. All these factors create a certain level of pressure on employers, forcing them to spend more time and effort on the recruitment process.

In 2021, the top challenges recruiters face are:

  • Building a strong Employer Brand. Perhaps, you haven’t even heard of it yet, but trust us - it’s the next top hiring tool every company has to start considering as soon as possible. Studies say that the impression your company makes for potential candidates is more important than higher wages. They want to grow in a prosperous company that will support their development and prove that their work makes the difference.

  • Writing smart job descriptions and promoting job openings. Writing a job description that attracts the right candidates is a challenge, and distributing vacancies is a time-consuming task that covets automation. Promoting vacancies to a bunch of job boards is not enough anymore, as candidates tend to seek jobs in social media, on niche sites, and in blogs, so recruiters have to start thinking about their job distribution strategy and tactics.

  • Building easy-to-use application forms. Potential candidates tend to close the application forms that are too long, or not mobile-friendly, as many job seekers fill out forms on their mobile devices.

  • Automating workflows. This includes predefined emails, notifications, reminders and flexible interview scheduling, which gives candidates the ability to choose a suitable time for an interview without undue correspondence with a manager.

Managing job openings with Lanteria HR

Recruiting suite of Lanteria HR helps recruiters avoid the pitfalls and designed to:

  • Promote your Employer Brand with a Career Site and mobile-ready Career Pages, showcasing your company’s unique features and culture.

  • Create job descriptions that demonstrate your valuable offer.

  • Distribute your job openings to multiple job boards in a single click.

  • Create mobile-friendly application forms to build your talent pool faster.

  • Provide self-service to applicants so they could choose the best time for the interview.

  • Track statistics and analyze hiring data.

The modern recruitment suite by Lanteria HR provides automation and simplicity to every stage of a hiring cycle, providing job seekers a memorable candidate experience.