Career sites

Experts say, that in today’s highly competitive environment, a branded career site becomes the most important tool in a company’s recruitment strategy. You could use different channels to promote your job openings, but they all lead to your career site, and if it won’t engage the potential candidates, chances to lose them are high.

What defines a good career site? Besides showcasing job openings, it tells a company’s story and proves that this company is the obvious #1 choice for a candidate.

According to a recent Glassdoor report:

  • 66% of candidates choose company culture over high salaries

  • 54% of candidates want to know about company benefits

  • 50% of candidates prefer companies with a clear mission and vision

Recruiting module by Lanteria allows you to build Career Pages inside your company’s website, which will become a creative, memorable, and branded space to showcase your company’s job openings.

Career sites by Lanteria HR

With Lanteria’s Recruiting you can:

  • Create a branded Career Portal, that reflects the unique style of your organization

  • Showcase your company values and culture with informative descriptions

  • Provide a full range of available job openings, filtered by office location

  • Engage candidates with creative job descriptions

  • Allow potential talents to apply online via easy-to-use forms

  • Enable candidates to choose the perfect time for an interview with Candidate Self Service

  • Applicants will be automatically listed in the Lanteria HR’s Candidate Database, easy to track and score

  • All communication with applicants, including emails, CVs, job offers and interviews will be automatically synced with a candidate’s personal profile.

A good career site adds so much more than just a new page on your website. Regardless of the size of the company, it should consider building career pages to get the most out of their hiring process.