Interview Scheduling and Assessments

Reports state that two-thirds of candidates expect to be contacted by a company within a week from the first interaction. This puts a lot of pressure on recruiters, requiring them to process a lot of data in a short period of time in order to deliver a better candidate’s experience. But the rescue is simple - an interview scheduling software.

Interview scheduling software is one of the modern recruitment tools that helps an HR team to schedule and manage interviews with applicants. It provides a lot of benefits to recruiters:

Designed for your business
Shortens data processing time
Designed for your business
Reduces administrative tasks
Designed for your business
Improves collaboration with applicants

Lanteria HR provides interview scheduling software as a part of its Recruiting module. Recruiting by Lanteria was designed specifically to work with new and existing job openings in your company, managing all the stages of the job opening lifecycle.

With Lanteria’s Recruiting, HR managers can create an interview schedule for different job openings, and let candidates choose a specific date and time of interview using self-service. This moves a candidate's experience to the next level, saving managers’ time on the other hand.

Lanteria HR creates a global interview schedule, integrated with calendars, notifications, and reminders that simplify collaboration with applicants.

Customizable interview forms provide flexibility to recruiters and provide a better user experience for job candidates.

With SharePoint ATS by Lanteria candidates could be assessed by different criteria: skills, competencies, or job requirements, which streamlines the entire hiring process greatly.

Analytics is a key to any successful business process, and Recruiting module provides hiring reports that allow HR managers to track and discuss interview results in a collaborative way,

Interview scheduling software is one of the simplest and most powerful tools for recruiters, and when combined with a powerful applicant tracking software, it reduces hassle around hiring and helps the HR team deliver the highest level of communication on time.

Interview scheduling interface with calendar.