Master Absence and Time Management with Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR's Time & Attendance module efficiently manages global leave and time tracking, ensuring compliance and providing insightful analytics. It's designed to simplify HR tasks for diverse teams in various locations, optimizing both productivity and planning.

Our comprehensive solution is ideal for managing diverse and complex workforce needs across multiple global locations.

Easily Navigate International Absence Policies

Lanteria HR's Time & Attendance module allows customization of absence rules and plans according to country-specific labor laws, including various leave types like annual, maternity/paternity, and public holidays.

The system automates allowance calculations and integrates employee and company data, providing a global overview of absences. This advanced approach supports a culture of performance, transparency, and flexibility, meeting the expectations of a modern, diverse workforce.

Employee absence registration interface with leave balances displayed.
Employee absence request and schedule.

Global PTO Management

Lanteria's Global PTO Management system simplifies leave management, especially for global companies with multiple offices. It automates absence allowances, customizes leave policies, and provides a unified dashboard for international locations. 

The software offers easy access to calendars and employee records, streamlines the approval process through self-service tools, and speeds up approvals with its mobile app. Lanteria also allows customization of PTO tracking to fit specific business needs.

Automate Absence Approvals and Enhance Compliance

Lanteria HR's Time and Attendance module streamlines the absence approval process, overcoming challenges of manual tracking and unclear policies. It automates leave balance calculations, provides transparent leave policies, and offers self-service options for employees and managers, reducing approval times significantly. 

Additionally, the module ensures compliance, prevents payroll errors, and includes comprehensive HR analytics for informed decision-making. This automation frees HR managers to focus on more strategic tasks, enhancing overall workforce management efficiency.

Out of Office calendar with employee details.
Lanteria's absence dashboard displaying Tanya Coleman's leave details

Turning Project Time Tracking into Strategic Insight

Lanteria's Project Time Tracking feature transforms time management into an analytical tool, aiding in workload planning and performance assessment. It offers intuitive time tracking tools, automated reminders for time registration, and insightful reports for analyzing productivity and forecasting team performance. 

This solution not only streamlines time tracking but also provides valuable data to support business decisions, ensuring a balanced approach that respects employee well-being.

Join the Growing Community of Lanteria HR Success Stories

Join leading organizations that have transformed their HR processes with Lanteria HR. From reducing report generation time to streamlining global time and attendance management across multiple countries, our clients have experienced significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.

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Leica: Centralized HR data storage and automated salary review processes improved efficiency by 50%.

Lufthansa: Streamlined reporting and calculations increased planning accuracy by 90%.

Save the Children: Deployed Lanteria HR's Time & Attendance Management solution worldwide in 99 countries, managing over 25,000 employees.

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Here’s what our customers say

Ekaterina Avatar
Ekaterina K.

"Top-notch HR solution with excellent support team"

I was able to tailor the system to fit the unique needs of my organization, from creating custom fields to setting up workflows and approvals. This level of flexibility made it so easy to integrate into our existing HR processes, and it's made a real difference in our daily operations.
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Aleksandra Avatar
Aleksandra K.
"Lanteria is a top SharePoint HR software with a great team behind it"
    Lanteria HR is a great product that has even better team behind it. And as for a SharePoint-based product the Lanteria HR system looks very modern and runs quickly.
Akshay Avatar
Akshay U.
"Lanteria is the most flexible and secure HRMS I had"
    Our team is on Office 365, and Lanteria solves a big problem for us because it works so well with Microsoft products.
Hanna Avatar
Hanna B.
"Al-star for employee performance management and reviews"
   The Performance module gives us a straightforward dashboard where we can see all the vital stats about our employees' work performance. And, it updates in a flash so we're always in the know.

Tired of the Time-Tracking Tango and Absence Approval Acrobatics?

With Lanteria HR, managing time off isn't a time-suck, and tracking hours doesn't take hours. Ideal for varied team sizes, see how it efficiently handles global PTO management, tailors to diverse international absence policies, and accelerates approval processes.