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Technical Writer Job Description

Technical writers, also known as technical communicators, develop articles and guides to explain technical concepts in a more understandable way to end-users. They work with other writers and inside business partners, like product managers and software development engineers, to plan, help with content development and quality governance, and write content for its ecosystem.

What Does a Technical Writer Do?

Technical writers are responsible for preparing instruction manuals and articles with the primary purpose of making complicated, technical material more easily...

Programmer Job Description

A programmer (also known as a developer, coder, or software engineer) is a computer programmer who specializes in developing software. Computer programmers write and test the software code that enables software programs to work. They ensure that software programs respond effectively to users and fulfill the functionality designed to perform.

What Does a Programmer Do?

Computer programmers are responsible for the design and development of software programs, the integration of systems and software, the training of end-users, the analysis of algorithms, the modification of...

Network Engineer Job Description

What Does the Network Engineer Do?

A network engineer's tasks include establishing, creating, and maintaining computer networks within or between organizations. They have to assist users, including employees, clients, customers, and suppliers, as well as troubleshoot any issues that may emerge. 

The Network Engineer will also be in charge of maintaining the company phone system, monitoring the network firewall, assessing the functionality of the network routers, and ensuring that all Internet security software is kept up to date.

Job Profile of a Network Engineer


Front End Developer Job Description

A front-end web developer is responsible for creating and executing the visual elements that users see and interact with when using a web app. They are typically backed up by back-end web developers, who are in charge of the server-side logic of the program and the integration of the work done by front-end designers and developers.

What Does a Front-End Developer Do?

Front-end developers are website designers who specialize in computer programming. Front-end developers are responsible for designing the structure and design of online sites, striking a balance between...

Software Architect Job Description

Developers who design software solutions from the ground up are software architects. They make high-level decisions regarding each stage of the development process and lead a team of engineers to construct the final result.

What Does a Software Architect Do?

Software architects are in charge of dealing with complicated design issues and assisting development teams in selecting tools, platforms, and coding standards. These key duties are solving technical challenges, collaborating with management, selecting the appropriate development environment, interacting with stakeholders...