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The Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint for HR Managers

The Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint for HR Managers

Is SharePoint the Top HR Software?

Office 365 is a widely used suite of apps among HR managers. You surely have used their programs to create documents or spreadsheets. But besides the famous Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft also offers a cloud-based solution that can help create a shared workplace, easily manage documents and track employee engagement.
This tool is called Microsoft SharePoint, and it allows you to automate all of your business and HR processes without the need to switch between multiple programs all the time.
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A Guide to SharePoint Workflow Automation

Human Resources Automation: 3 Ways to Use SharePoint Workflows

Consider SharePoint workflow automation to be mini-programs that operate within your SharePoint environment. Workflows, which range from gathering signatures to tracking statuses, are intended to save you time and effort while also providing consistency to actions that your company does on a regular basis.

Workflows come in a variety of flavors, as we'll see in the next portion of this blog. Still, in general, you may think of workflows as the sequence of events that occurs when you do something with a file or document in your SharePoint environment.

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How to Build an Effective LMS in Microsoft SharePoint

Whenever you need to hire a new employee, you need to provide them with full onboarding training, so they can start their work as soon as possible and be fully prepared.

Depending on how well this training is built and developed, your new hires will either have a hard time figuring out how to deal with new responsibilities, or they will start showing great results from the first days of work.

Of course, the more time it takes for a new employee to get used to their role, the more money the organization loses, and the riskier the new hire’s position becomes. That’s why a good...

The Complete Guide to Creating an HR SharePoint Site

The Complete Guide to Creating an HR SharePoint Site a Top HR Portal SharePoint Site?

How to Create a Top HR SharePoint Site

Providing employees with the documents they need to understand their roles and responsibilities is part of an HR professional’s job. However, if you’re part of the HR team for a large company, answering all the employees’ inquiries can take a lot of time.

Do employees often ask you for handbooks, salary scales, and other information? Creating an HR portal is the best solution to ensure that all employees can easily find the news and documents they need. It allows you to centralize and streamline information employees regularly look for...

How SharePoint Boosts HR Operations

How SharePoint Boosts HR Operations

Without a doubt, the HR department is an important aspect of any company. Recruiting, staffing, training, and administration - all of these fall under HR operations. 

HR managers are often overloaded with duties - and as the workload increases, so does the potential for human errors. This is when a human resource system such as SharePoint comes into play. This technology is incredibly beneficial in terms of optimizing HR operations and increasing productivity. 

Every organization has its own set of objectives, and the great news is that SharePoint can be customized to meet...