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Lanteria HR partners with Zapier to expand its integration options

Lanteria HR partners with Zapier

This integration allows you to connect your Lanteria HR to 3000+ apps!

Zapier is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that provides quick and easy integration with apps. Today, it has over 3000 applications in many categories, including HR, CRM, marketing, etc. Lanteria became a part of this community, allowing you to move employee data to any app from Zapier collection.

Here’s how it works. Once you register with Zapier, you can add a connection to your Lanteria HR. Now you can use the Lanteria HR app to connect Lanteria HR data with apps from the Zapier catalog and...

Employee Dashboard is a shining new feature of the updated Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR employee dashboard

Lanteria HR has a whole new look, and one of the features, available only within its new interface is Employee Dashboard. 

Let’s take a closer look at it!



In the top left, you can find tasks that require employee action, which work just like notifications. You can open the related page depending on the task type.

Then, as an employee, you can see news and announcements from your company. 

In the bottom right corner, you can see feedback that you’ve given to other employees. You can give or request feedback right from this pane.


Lanteria HR proudly presents its new modern user interface

Lanteria HR proudly presents its new modern UI


Lanteria team always puts users first, aiming to create the best user experience they could possibly get with a complex multifunctional HRMS like Lanteria HR. This is why after massive research that helped us study our customers’ pains and better understand their needs and preferences, we decided to give Lanteria HR a whole new look.

The new design won’t become a radical change, so if you’re familiar with the old UI, you’ll easily and intuitively be able to find the pages and features that you need. But at the same time, the new interface brings Lanteria HR a fresh modern...

Top mistakes most HR managers make when moving their teams to remote work

top mistakes most HR managers make when moving their teams to remote work

Working remotely has many advantages for employees and management alike, and it is gradually becoming a widely accepted practice. And while active digitalization is simplifying the transition, there are still many factors to consider. 

If you are thinking about transferring some of your company’s specialists to remote work, it is essential to understand this procedure’s intricacies. This way, you will be able to avoid the common mistakes most HR managers make when moving their teams to remote work. We have collected the top critical oversights of executives conducting this...

Lanteria announces its new integration with ZipRecruiter

Lanteria HR integrates with ZipRecruiter


We’re thrilled to announce Lanteria’s integration with a leading US employment marketplace for job seekers and employers - ZipRecruiter. 


With this integration, we focus on delivering our customers a fast and simple job broadcasting experience. ZipRecruiter allows distributing job openings to over 50 job boards in a single click. Using this tool, our customers will be able to reach a tremendous number of active job seekers (over 25 million), making it faster and easier to find top talent.


The new functionality enables recruiters and HR managers to...

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