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Training Discussion Boards

When it comes to trainings, this learning process often involves a lot of communication between training participants. This communication may be needed at any training stage: before the training (attendees may have some questions or suggestions before the training, while the organizer may have an announcement for everybody), during the training (to discuss the training topic or to create minutes of meeting, for example), and after the training (post-mortem discussion, questions, future plans, etc.). The organizer may need to share some information, required for the training, such as the... [Continue reading...]

Lanteria HR is now available for SharePoint 2019 users

Once Microsoft released the long awaited SharePoint 2019, Lanteria immediately started developing a new version of its HR management system to offer its customers all benefits brought by this new SharePoint. And finally we’re ready to present you Lanteria HR for SharePoint 2019.

So, what updates were made in the SharePoint 2019, that can possibly impact users experience? Read more about it in our article: https://www.lanteria.com/news/lanteria-and-sharepoint-2019-what-expect

Check-ins - ongoing one-to-one performance conversations

More and more companies tend to revise the way they manage employee performance. Performance management processes are revamped or completely replaced with the intention to find a more progressive approach to productivity. The annual performance review often becomes just a formality, and progressive organizations are now trying out a new approach to manage performance – ongoing performance meetings/conversations.

To be able to implement this approach in your company using Lanteria HR, we are glad to introduce a new feature in the Performance application area called check-ins.

... [Continue reading...]

Automated Performance Reviews Generation

One of the most used Lanteria HR features, performance reviews, requires thorough preparation. Before a performance review takes place, you need to have a performance review round created for the required review period as well as the corresponding review forms generated for each person involved, not to mention other prerequisites. This may be a time-taking process, especially if you have a complex organizational structure and a lot of employees. Therefore, we’ve been looking for a way to automate this process.

We are happy to introduce a new setup that helps you automate preparation... [Continue reading...]

Continuous Employee Recognition and Feedback

At Lanteria HR, we constantly monitor modern trends with the intention to implement new and exciting features that make our product better for you. Thus, we have been looking for a simple and effective way of managing employee recognition and feedback in Lanteria HR.

In our latest update, we have rolled out a new feature called Employee Feedback. We believe this functionality will be a great addition to performance reviews and 360 Feedback reviews as they perfectly complement each other. What Employee Feedback allows you to do is enable your employees to give feedback to each other... [Continue reading...]