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Check-ins - ongoing one-to-one performance conversations

More and more companies tend to revise the way they manage employee performance. Performance management processes are revamped or completely replaced with the intention to find a more progressive approach to productivity. The annual performance review often becomes just a formality, and progressive organizations are now trying out a new approach to manage performance – ongoing performance meetings/conversations.

To be able to implement this approach in your company using Lanteria HR, we are glad to introduce a new feature in the Performance application area called check-ins.

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Automated Performance Reviews Generation

One of the most used Lanteria HR features, performance reviews, requires thorough preparation. Before a performance review takes place, you need to have a performance review round created for the required review period as well as the corresponding review forms generated for each person involved, not to mention other prerequisites. This may be a time-taking process, especially if you have a complex organizational structure and a lot of employees. Therefore, we’ve been looking for a way to automate this process.

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Continuous Employee Recognition and Feedback

At Lanteria HR, we constantly monitor modern trends with the intention to implement new and exciting features that make our product better for you. Thus, we have been looking for a simple and effective way of managing employee recognition and feedback in Lanteria HR.

In our latest update, we have rolled out a new feature called Employee Feedback. We believe this functionality will be a great addition to performance reviews and 360 Feedback reviews as they perfectly complement each other. What Employee Feedback allows you to do is enable your employees to give feedback to each other... [Continue reading...]

360 Reviews with external responders (Customers, Partners and Vendors)

When you organize a 360 Feedback Review round in Lanteria HR, sometimes you want to involve not only colleagues within your organization, but also external reviewers, such as customers, partners, and vendors. Previously it wasn’t possible to take part in a 360 Feedback review if you were not a Lanteria HR user. We have expanded the 360 Feedback functionality to enable external reviewers to be involved in 360 Feedback reviews as well.

To achieve this goal, we have introduced the concept of custom reviewer groups, which may be of two types:

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