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Big news: Lanteria’s podcast “Getting clue on HR tech”

Do you like podcasts? We sure do!

This is why, from now on most of our webinars and panel discussions are available on podcast platforms, so you can listen to them on the go. We talk about HR trends, tools, and software, giving you fresh insights on HR technology.

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...and more podcast platforms on the way! 

Here is a short teaser of the two first episodes we have:

1. "Choosing your first HR software". Alex Shekho, HR software consultant with over 8 years of experience... [Continue reading...]

Meet Lanteria on HRTX Virtual Hardcore Sourcing Event by RecruitingDaily

We've partnered with the team at RecruitingDaily to help bring the industry's largest 2-Day Virtual Sourcing Event in 2020 at NO COST!

Why attend?


Guys from RecruitingDaily fled the traditional "virtual summit" model on its head. They hand-selected 18 of the highest-rated trainers that they've worked with over the last 12 months and built a virtual sourcing event around them. Each trainer has been paired into random groups of 2, and...then we got out of the way.

That means - NO AGENDA

Each group of trainers will work directly with you (the... [Continue reading...]

Lanteria announces its new integration with ZipRecruiter


We’re thrilled to announce Lanteria’s integration with a leading US employment marketplace for job seekers and employers - ZipRecruiter. 


With this integration, we focus on delivering our customers a fast and simple job broadcasting experience. ZipRecruiter allows distributing job openings to over 50 job boards in a single click. Using this tool, our customers will be able to reach a tremendous number of active job seekers (over 25 million), making it faster and easier to find top talent.


The new functionality enables recruiters and HR managers to... [Continue reading...]

Tips & Tricks for Managing Remote Teams using Lanteria HR


Many of our clients have reached out while their teams are transitioning to working remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic. With so much uncertainty in the air, daily tasks can feel overwhelming, and having to form new work habits in your home can make these tasks feel even more difficult. For those of you who aren’t used to working remote, we’ve compiled what’s been most helpful for our users so far:

Setting up Performance Check-ins & Ad Hoc Reviews for Accountability

Performance Reviews are even more crucial when working with a remote team to ensure everyone is... [Continue reading...]

Lanteria HR statement regarding COVID-19 outbreak

Considering recent events surrounding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) outbreak, we want to assure you that Lanteria is taking precautions to ensure business continuity for your organization while also doing our part to keep our international communities safe.

Precautionary measures have been instituted at our headquarters in Seattle and Kyiv, as well as other offices throughout the world to keep employees safe and healthy. We are fortunate, for the nature of our industry allows us to remain committed to maintaining the mission-critical parts to your business, without risking the... [Continue reading...]