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Upcoming HR Trends: What the HR Industry Can Expect This Year

Upcoming HR Trends: What the HR Industry Can Expect This Year

In recent years, businesses have been placing a greater emphasis on creating a positive and supportive work environment for their employees. This includes offering flexible working arrangements, putting the needs and well-being of employees first, investing in employee development, and encouraging open communication. Companies are also placing greater importance on hiring for qualities such as emotional intelligence, and fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, businesses are focusing on attracting and retaining top talent and building a culture of trust...

Exit interviews: Top tips

Exit interviews: top tips

The exit interview process is a crucial step in the employee turnover process, providing valuable insight into the experiences and perceptions of departing employees. It is an opportunity for both the employee and the organization to reflect on the employee's tenure and identify areas for improvement. 

However, for the process to be effective, it is essential to be well-prepared. In this blog, we've explored the importance of exit interviews, as well as provided tips and strategies for both employees and organizations to ensure a successful and productive exit interview experience...

Performance reviews today - why the bad press?

Performance reviews in the modern world - why the bad press?

Performance reviews, often referred to as appraisals, are a performance management tool. The value of annual reviews has increasingly been challenged in recent years; however, performance appraisals remain an important part of the performance management cycle.

But why do performance reviews get negative feedback or why do people dread them?

The process is not clear or transparent. People aren't sure when the reviews happen or what to expect from the review and what's going to happen as a result. It is seen as an opportunity for a manager to give bad news. Nothing should come as...

5 Key Features Your HR System Must Have

5 Key Features Your HR System Must Have

A digital world has ushered in a new way of working that demands more flexibility, accountability, and trust. HR is no exception. It's time for HR to evolve its systems and processes. This isn't just because the challenges HR faces are changing rapidly - it's also because other organizations have already incorporated these changes. 

HR systems are designed with the same end goal: to streamline the processes of managing and tracking employee data so that you track all the different information about them more efficiently. 

A good HRMS ensures that your company's HR policies...

Are HR Spreadsheets Stunting Business Growth?

Are HR Spreadsheets Stunting Business Growth?

Digital spreadsheets have been used in the HR industry for a long time. But down the line, most organizations eventually find that spreadsheets complicate HR workflows. Maintaining crucial data points via spreadsheets becomes time-consuming and labor-intensive as business scales. 

Working with a multitude of spreadsheets in the HR department, there are chances of audit trail error that can stunt organizational growth. HR teams plagued by poorly managed data may result in communication gaps and employee disengagement, impacting high employee turnover. And there, the HRMS solution...