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Performance Plan: Definition, Template, and Example

Poor employee performance may cause the end of business prosperity. On the one side, you can’t retain unproductive workers as it hinders business efficiency. On the other hand, it equals 33% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them, according to EBN. Thus, in any case, the budget is going to suffer.

In this article, we will discuss a possible solution that may help you to save your reputation, money, and an employee – a performance plan.

What Is a Performance Plan?

At its core, a performance plan isn’t associated with positive events since it usually follows an... [Continue reading...]

Why Employee Assessments Are Essential for Companies

At a certain point in time, every company, large or small, realizes the need for personnel evaluation. For the successful development of an organization, its managers must know the existing issues and continuously work on their improvement. These tasks are effectively addressed through employee assessment.

What Are Employee Assessments?

Employee assessments are a complex system for identifying personnel characteristics, thus enabling management to make competent decisions aimed at increasing personnel and company productivity. Personnel assessment procedures are essential for... [Continue reading...]

The Future Of Education: Technologies Making An Impact

Like many others, the education sector has introduced new technologies to keep up with developments in society. Younger generations were the first to grow up with technology, and they learn in a different way because of it. The sector has to adapt to these changes. These are the technologies that are impacting the industry and improving the learning experience. 


The Internet of Things 


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term that describes the connection between all the smart devices and machines we used every day. Right now, in an average house, all the... [Continue reading...]

The Key Elements of an Effective Hiring Process

The functioning and development of any company are impossible without a strong team of professionals. The importance of hiring qualified personnel is difficult to underestimate. Hiring mistakes can be too costly for the HR department and the organization as a whole. That is why it is crucial for the recruitment process to be effective and thought through.

What Is a Hiring Process?

Personnel recruitment is the process of attracting and selecting qualified specialists for timely and high-quality staffing in accordance with company needs. To improve the recruitment effectiveness... [Continue reading...]

How Recruitment Analytics Optimize the Hiring Process

Recruitment Analytics: Optimizing the Hiring Process With Metrics

Recruitment analytics play an increasingly important role for HR professionals and their executives. When it comes to finding, selecting, and hiring employees, recruitment analytics help make more effective data-driven choices. In this guide, we explain what recruitment analytics are and how to use them for optimization of the company’s hiring process.

What Are Recruitment Analytics?

Recruitment analytics are tools and metrics used for identifying and interpreting employee search and hiring patterns.... [Continue reading...]