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Motivation in performance management

Not Getting What You Need from Your Team? Don’t Hesitate - Motivate!

The year is 2018 and gone are the days of sustaining a job that leaves you resentful and unfulfilled in hopes it will provide “stability”, a discount on your cellphone bill, and a decent retirement package. Study after study shows that younger generations are looking for something more out of their career than a steady paycheck and job security. People want to feel engaged, supported and motivated. The question is what effect that motivation has on an individual employee’s job performance.

When discussing job satisfaction and work ethic with managers and...

Likely Trends Impacting HR in 2018

Likely Trends Impacting HR in 2018

Sexual Harassment

With the barrage of credible sexual harassment accusations in the news, you should expect more people to come forward with complaints in 2018. This would be a good time to review your anti-harassment policies and ensure they meet the Supreme Court’s criteria for an affirmative defense. First, you must have a policy that gives people multiple complaint channels. Second, you must take action to prevent harassment from occurring, which you can do through prevention training and re-disseminating your policy. Third, be prepared to thoroughly investigate...

Why the good onboarding is crucial for your business?

Why the good onboarding is crucial for your business?

So, you’ve hired a new employee. As the employer, you have crossed your Ts and dotted your Is. The standard interview process has been conducted, the paperwork has been completed. Now, it’s time for your new employee to start her first day on the job.

It’s no secret that how you handle your employees — especially new ones — can make or break how your employees think about you and the company. Don’t waste opportunities to help cultivate your employees’ careers and overall attitudes about their job positions and futures.

Onboarding is a common occurrence during the orientation...