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Top mistakes most HR managers make when moving their teams to remote work

Working remotely has many advantages for employees and management alike, and it is gradually becoming a widely accepted practice. And while active digitalization is simplifying the transition, there are still many factors to consider. 

If you are thinking about transferring some of your company’s specialists to remote work, it is essential to understand this procedure’s intricacies. This way, you will be able to avoid the common mistakes most HR managers make when moving their teams to remote work. We have collected the top critical oversights of executives conducting this... [Continue reading...]

Remote Performance Assessment - Measuring Employee Performance in 2020


Performance assessment is a part of the working process for both managers and employees. It allows us to evaluate how effective each staff member is, while also determining the strong and weak sides of each person. This process is essential for the growth of the company, as well as the professional development of each employee.

Assessing a job performance is an established procedure, but during these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is much more challenging than usual. Over 85% of organizations have shifted their focus to working from home, which comes with its own... [Continue reading...]

Top-5 HR trends that will transform HR technology in 2021

Our Top HRIS Predictions for 2021

A Human Resource Information System (HRIS for short) is the integration of information technology with HR practices. Put simply, it’s when you use an online solution or software to take care of the HR department’s data entry, information, and tracking needs. 

So how exactly can a Human Resource Information System make your life easier? When you select a high-quality HRIS, it will typically have the following capabilities: 

Manage employee information. HRIS software will help you manage HR data, such as employees’ salaries, position... [Continue reading...]

Panel Discussion: How HR Tech helps with the challenges of the post-pandemic world


Learn which technology solutions prove to be indispensable in coping with the HR & Talent acquisition challenges. We invited two experienced HR professionals to guide you through the topic.

Watch our free Panel Discussion below!

We'll go over:

Building a collaborative environment in the Zoom era Remote work and how it created a new digital etiquette People data and its security Wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion Establishing pay for performance

Our speakers:

Emma El-Karout, cheerleader of One Circle, an online community of freelance HR experts... [Continue reading...]

Lanteria announces its new integration with ZipRecruiter


We’re thrilled to announce Lanteria’s integration with a leading US employment marketplace for job seekers and employers - ZipRecruiter. 


With this integration, we focus on delivering our customers a fast and simple job broadcasting experience. ZipRecruiter allows distributing job openings to over 50 job boards in a single click. Using this tool, our customers will be able to reach a tremendous number of active job seekers (over 25 million), making it faster and easier to find top talent.


The new functionality enables recruiters and HR managers to... [Continue reading...]