Blended Learning and Classrooms

Blended learning is a progressive approach to employee training, that combines online courses with traditional face-to-face classes with a teacher. Blended learning is a great tool that broadens learner’s experience and gives companies a quicker return on investment. 

But before you will start integrating it into your training strategy, you should know about blended learning pitfalls:

  • Face-to-face classes are hard to manage, using manual tools, and LMS software rarely has the functionality to track offline events.

  • You need to set up a social learning platform that will allow learners to communicate, discuss topics, and share knowledge.

  • Both online and offline training courses should be documented in an employee’s personal records to track their performance and development.

Lanteria HR makes it simple to set up a successful blended learning strategy, ditching all of the issues above with its Learning module.

Learning schedule by Lanteria LMS

SharePoint LMS by Lanteria enables you to:

  • Schedule classroom training sessions for employees

  • Invite and manage participants and trainers

  • Monitor the learners’ presence

  • Set up a discussion board where learners could socialize

  • Ensure compliance with mandatory courses

  • Link completed courses with employee professional goals

  • Define and generate certificates upon completion of training activities

  • Improve reporting with a large selection of learning reports and dashboards

Blended learning aims to combine the best features of both offline and online training methods to provide learners a comprehensive learning experience. And implemented with Lanteria LMS, blended learning becomes any company’s powerful asset.