Corporate e-learning catalog

The main challenge for any Training manager is delivering learning materials that are aligned to the goals of the entire organization, separate teams, and individuals. Therefore, developing a learning catalog with a wide range of e-learning courses is a core process to focus on.

The Learning Catalog is a central piece of Lanteria’s LMS.

It stores all the learning materials, including courses, videos, documents, certificates and other information well organized and accessible for staff 24/7. Employees can browse the catalog by keyword, by category, or by job role. They can choose the most suitable courses for their goals and skills they are supposed to develop.

Lanteria's Learning Catalog displaying various HR-related courses.

Training managers can work with the catalog, uploading learning materials, assigning learning courses to employees and groups, and scheduling classroom training.

Some courses can be mandatory (to ensure compliance) or just suggested for employees that want to develop their skills and competencies.

Either way, they will be automatically notified about new training assigned to them by Lanteria’s LMS. Managers can set the period of time in which courses should be completed to structure the training process and create a continuous learning path for an employee.

You can also track your workforce development with reports and dashboards, available through the system.

From enrollments to reports, setting up a training process using Lanteria LMS is quick, easy and cost-effective. And, most importantly, by investing in a workforce’s development today, you invest in your company culture and the organization’s success in the future.