Compliance Training and Certification

Compliance training is employee training that educates your workforce on policies and regulations related to their job roles. These activities avoid or decrease legal violations by employees, cover compliance laws and provide a better workplace environment for your staff, increasing employee performance in the long run. 

For example, there some common compliance courses, mandatory for organizations in the US:

  • Workplace safety

  • Anti-Harassment Training

  • Information Security Training

  • Diversity Training, etc.

Some of these courses came out of increased public interest, so you can see that the list of corporate compliance courses changes and develops through time, and an HR manager must always keep track of new initiatives.

Compliance training is one of the key courses for any company, and all processes related to it should be automated using modern learning management systems to eliminate manual errors and streamline the workflows.

Compliance tracking by Lanteria LMS

Compliance training LMS by Lanteria:

  • Supplies a workforce with learning courses that are mandatory or highly recommended for the employees occupying specific job roles or working with specific technologies. 

  • HR staff can set up training requirements based on the job role as well as on the individual working conditions of the employee.

  • HR managers can view the compliance training requirements for each employee in the employee's personal development plan, where they can also display training activities that haven’t been completed.

  • Required Training Report collects and provides comprehensive data on compliance training, grouped by a particular course or by employees with a list of courses to complete.

All these features, supported by reminders, notifications, and easy-to-use UI present a great tool to satisfy your company’s compliance - Lanteria LMS.