Job skills test and assessment

Job skills tests are designed to help employers improve hiring and retain the most valuable employees in a competitive market.

Why 82% of companies use skill assessment tests

Referring to SHRM’s research the list of reasons for using skills assessment test

looks like this:

  1. To hire new employees

  2. To evaluate current employees for different roles

  3. To identify employees with high leadership potential

  4. To compare talent within an organization against industry or geographical benchmarks

  5. To understand talent strengths and gaps

  6. To develop employees’ long-term value

Skill assessment tests remain the only scientific approach to predictive employee evaluation.

Automating skills assessment and evaluation test with Lanteria

Here are the most common business cases of how Lanteria’s customers resolved HR and Recruiting problems:

  1. Reducing turnover. On average, 25% of new hires leave within a year.

  2. Streamlining a hiring pipeline. Each position has many applicants, but 65% of them do not meet basic requirements.

  3. Identify leaders. Only 12% of today’s employees are enterprise leaders.

Lanteria assessment approach allows to:

  • Create a library of online tests and quizzes with Lanteria Quiz Builder

  • Assign quizzes and tests to employees,

  • Build automation workflows for candidates and employees,

  • Review test results in the employee grade book,

  • Automatically generate certificates once the employee is done with his assessment test. Or upload certificates held by employees manually,

  • Track the missing and expiring certificates.

Competency Assessment by Lanteria HR

Companies that implemented skill evaluation tests by Lanteria have seen the X2 growth of employee retention and increased the percentage of self-grown leaders versus hired to 70%. The Return Of Investments is incredible. 

You can build Competency Assessment Analysis reports to see how your efforts impact employee turnover and performance. Specify the view mode of the average competency score for employees, organizational units, job roles, or competencies.

This is how you can manage the people development processes in an almost predictable and cost-efficient way.