Certification management

Today we see a huge rise of corporate online training - thousands of courses are available for any job position, providing a company with a better, more educated, and skilled workforce. Employee training and certifications are not only beneficial for business but also a great tool to motivate employees, as it links their skills to career perspectives.

All employee training courses can make a difference, but not all of them are created equal. There are 3 main types of courses, that complete employee training: mandatory courses (compliance), recommended skill training, and certifications, which are usually targeted on passing exams.

Lanteria’s Learning module provides a full library of employee courses and certifications, extended with LinkedIn Learning courses, available within the system.

Managers can upload and generate certificates, define the required certificates for employees, and track their statuses and expiration dates. Lanteria HR automatically notifies employees or managers about the certificate expiration or other conditions that require action.

Certificates also could be generated by the system, after the learning activities are completed. If you have learning materials in your catalog that entitle the learner to some certificate, you can set up the system to generate the certificates automatically based on certificate types.

All the certificates uploaded or generated by the system are available in the employee Grade Book.

Lanteria GradeBook interface showing Tanya Coleman's training progress and certificates.

At last (but not least) certification let you:

Designed for your business
Build a strong HR brand by becoming a center of expertise.
Designed for your business
Help your employees develop their personal brand by letting them demonstrate learning achievements.
Designed for your business
Speed up employee development with gamification. For Y and Z generation certificate is a kind of game achievement. So they would be more likely engaged with learning and skill development if the process looks like a competitive game.