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Document management

Despite all the technologies available nowadays, companies still struggle to set up a proper document management workflow. The number of documents inside companies grows every day (over 500 billion each year, according to Microsoft Office), and you need not only secured storage to keep them safe but also an easy-to-use, fully searchable system to operate them.

And we’re not even talking about paper documents, which are extremely hard to manage and way too easy to destroy by coffee spills. Paperless collaboration is a point every company eventually reaches, and we hope that your company is at least on its way.

But simply getting rid of paper documents won’t improve your document strategy, unless you have a robust document management software (best known as Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

With the SharePoint document management system by Lanteria, you can upload and manage various company documents, employee documents, and job contracts.

Employee documents, such as CVs, job contracts, certificates, and other personal records are available within the Employee Card. They can upload and edit these records via Employee Self Service (ESS), saving HR managers’ time for important tasks.

Managers can easily track missing or expired documents, and generate new ones using templates.

Company documents are available for the entire workforce, providing transparency and compliance.

Integration with DocuSign (e-signature service) makes it simple to completely eliminate paperwork and go 100% digital.

A document database is safe and searchable, enabling access to the documents by user role. Employees won’t see information, which is intended to be seen by managers or HR staff.

Organizations that wish to increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and ensure compliance, should consider investing in HRIS solutions that minimize human error and streamline document management, such as Lanteria’s Core HR.

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