HR Processes Automation

Do you work in a company where HR tasks are still done manually? Then, you definitely noticed that manual HR processes have the number of drawbacks, which are usually solved by automation:

  • Compliance issues as you cannot ensure that all required steps are passed.

  • Tracking issue as you never know the statuses of your processes.

  • Efficiency issues as manual processes are time-consuming.

Core HR by Lanteria

Why is Core HR by Lanteria the best HR automation software for you?

  • Core HR is an HRIS, that was designed specifically for mid-sized and large businesses (like Warner Bros., SEGA, or Lockheed Martin), to successfully manage their global workforce. All important HR processes, like employees’ job changes, promotions, and relocations are immediately reflected in the system. With Core HR, you have all personal data, including CVs, job contracts, and training certificates, up-to-date, a single click away. 

  • Core HR provides 100% digital, paperless collaboration, so you can save a bit on a printer, ink, and paper. But, most importantly, with Core HR you receive safe and robust storage for all your company documents, protecting your critical documents from costly data breaches.

  • Core HR saves valuable time on any approvals with its Self Service, including approval of absences, terminations, new positions requests, and so on. Core HR bridges process gaps with automated reminders and notifications.

  • Onboarding & Offboarding with Core HR saves you from a ton of paperwork, creating a workflow that ensures that every document is signed and every important step is taken. With Core HR, the time required to process all necessary documents is reduced from weeks to hours, delivering a great employee experience.

  • Core HR holds a library of out-of-the-box reports on employee turnover in the company, organizational changes, termination statistics, and other employee data, relieving your HR team from the burden and giving them more time to focus on activities that really matter. 

Automating the most repetitive HR tasks is something any HR manager starts considering, sooner or later. It doesn’t actually matter, what brought you to the idea of automation - you just should know that it’s beneficial for any company on many levels. Here’s just a recent statistics from Lanteria HR customers that speak for itself:

OSM Maritime Group: Time required to generate staff reports and statistics reduced from weeks to seconds. 95% increase in self-service for employees in all HR-related issues.

Leica: System became a centralized data storage. Automated salary review processes increased the efficiency of planning by 50%.

Lufthansa: Automated reporting and calculations increased planning quality by 90%.