HR Analytics: Reports and Dashboards

What is an HR dashboard?

HR metrics are no longer a “nice to have” tools - they impact so many processes in a company that executives tend to study HR reports before they take major business initiatives. And they have a point, people are the main asset of any organization, and you need to consider it in planning your corporate strategy.

What HR metrics will give you the insight you need to develop a successful business strategy? Of course, it depends on your company’s type, size, and priorities, but in a Report Center of Lanteria HR we collected a set of HR reports most companies will find extremely valuable:

Designed for your business
Essential Workforce reports, which cover organizational structure and termination statistics, headcount turnover, job openings statistics, equality and diversity report, salary planning, bonuses, and budget tracking.
Designed for your business
Time and Attendance reports on vacation statistics, out-of-office calendar, timesheets and employee absence summary, employee absence records, and absence schedule.
Designed for your business
Performance reports on competencies, employee feedback and check-ins, career goals and KPIs, performance trends and succession summary.
Designed for your business
Learning reports cover training requests, learning materials, required training, development needs, and activities, training budget, certification, classroom activities, and trainers.

Aside from these, you can build your own custom reports using Lanteria Report Builder and visualize data using Power BI.

HR dashboard with absence statistics and costs

If your company isn’t using any HR metrics at the moment, you should discuss it with your executive and HR staff to define the data you need to measure. Start small, and you won’t get lost in hundreds of HR reports on the next day. If you already have some HR metrics in place, make sure they’re connected with corporate objectives, and have an impact on your company. After all, any metric that does not lead to the company’s success, simply not worth the efforts put in calculating and reporting it.