Employee and Manager Self Service Portals

Manager and employee self-service is already proclaimed the next great tool in HR management. Why has it become so essential nowadays? Let’s briefly run through numbers:

  • 71% of HR staff are spending more time on issues, not related to HR.

  • 38% of employees describe their company as NOT employee-centric.

  • 59% of HR managers consider their company as TOO employee-centric.

Aside from obvious issues like wasting an HR manager’s time, this situation can seriously harm your employee branding. Today's employees, in their private lives, got used to finding answers to the questions quickly, mainly through mobile phones - and they expect that their working processes will run just as easily.

With implemented Employee Self Service, you supply your workforce with access to important company documents, their personal data, calendars and schedulers when they need it, from any device they prefer. No more time to wait - simple processes don’t take longer than necessary anymore!

Lanteria HR provides both Manager and Employee Self Service to save an HR team’s time and make employees more self-reliant.

With Self Service by Lanteria you can:

  • Access your personal records, keeping them up-to-date

  • Track leave allowances, request time-off and approve absences

  • Monitor time, spent on different activities during the working day

  • Access important company documents, such as company policies and out-of-office calendar

  • Track your professional performance, review personal goals and competency assessments, and take part in the performance review process

  • Request job openings and track candidates

  • Develop your professional skills and knowledge with Learning Catalog

  • Use the Lanteria Mobile App to access Self Service Portals on the go

Employee Self Service by Lanteria HR

When Lanteria Self Service portals have been successfully implemented, a company will notice an immediate increase in employees’ and managers’ productivity at so many levels! Managers and an HR team will be relieved from multiple questions, requests and scheduling issues. Employees will be able to access the information they need 24/7, saving their time and boosting their loyalty to a company. Additionally, by allowing employees to review and edit their personal records, you decrease the chances of errors in personal data greatly.