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Recruitment in a Post-COVID World: Change Is Coming

Recruitment in a Post-COVID World: Change Is Coming

What Awaits the World of Talent Acquisition?

The physical office is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and new theories and practices are quickly taking the stage, leaving professionals with little time to adjust to them or implement the changes.

Change is happening in every sphere of human resource management — including talent acquisition. In this article, we will tell you about what the future might hold for recruiters and recruitment tactics. Read on to make the most out of the situation and lead your company through a strong and stable 2022!

Make Way for...

Seven most anticipated trends in HR 2022

Trends in HR 2022

What Are the HR Trends in 2022?

Are you preparing for the future HR trends in 2022? You should be if you want your company to retain its position in the industry — or, better yet, to move further up the ranks.

Over the past few years, there has been a transformative shift in the workplace, largely due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus. The remote work model has been a leading trend: many employees don't have to go to the office, and the internet has been the #1 method of communication between supervisors and employees. 

Along with this, there are other changes,...

Upcoming Recruiting Strategies: Navigating Hiring in 2022

Upcoming Recruiting Strategies: Navigating Hiring in 2022

Returning to the office, hybrid work opportunities, out-of-state personnel, and other factors indicate that industries across the country are undergoing a fundamental transformation in how they function. Hiring is no different.

Many challenges have confronted us over the last 18 months, changing our views and expectations on both a personal and professional level. We learned the value of human relationships, stability, respect, and unity — once again, it's all about people. In 2022, and most likely in the years ahead, such re-invented ideals are projected to guide recruiting...

Why Are Employees the Most Valuable Intangible Assets?

Why Are Employees the Most Valuable Intangible Assets?

What do you think is your company’s most valuable asset? Many things might come to mind, such as your high-end systems or state-of-the-art equipment. However, you should not forget that intangible assets are what’s most critical more often than not.

Intangible assets such as intellectual properties, trademarks, patents, and copyrights, are created by people and don’t have a physical manifestation. This includes your employees. But how can they be an intangible asset when they are there physically? You have to remember that companies employ people mostly for their skills, abilities,...

A Guide to Hiring People With Disabilities

 A Guide to Hiring People With Disabilities

Here’s something you might not know: one in eight Americans has a disability. According to the Disability Act 2005, three percent of jobs in the public sector are reserved for the disabled. However, even in the 21st century, many people with disabilities are struggling to find a stable, well-paid job, as employers don’t want to deal with extra costs, legal liability, accommodation issues, and other things. 

By avoiding hiring a person with a disability, employers are shortening their list of potential candidates by 12.5%, which might be critical if you’re looking for someone with...

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