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8 extremely effective ways of performance appraisal

Among the tens and hundreds of individuals you employ are those who are competent enough to take a managerial positions, those who would be a better fit in the other departments and low-performers who don't manage to fulfill their obligations quite well. In order to identify potential problems with your staff and reveal potential of their growth, numerous performance appraisal techniques are used.

A comprehensive analysis of how people know their job and their personal traits (interpersonal skils, leadership, initiative, etc.) makes a working base for further efficient managerial... [Continue reading...]

Recruitment Funnel Management in 5 Steps

Every recruiter’s top priority is to recognize, evaluate, and hire the talent that best fits the specific opening of the company. In their search for high-performing individuals, hiring managers screen hundreds of applicants, analyze their career histories, and schedule interviews. These entire processes take more and more time as the number of potential candidates constantly grows, turning hiring process into quite a costly operation for the company.

There are lots of HR strategies which are used to hire talent and optimize the process of recruitment. Recruitment funnel management... [Continue reading...]

Managing Holiday Leave

In light of the upcoming holidays, managing leave policies is becoming more important for managers to effectively coordinate. Christmas and New Year’s Day are national holidays; however, your organization may offer other benefits as a part of a broader employee retention strategy – for instance, double pay for those who agree to work on holidays or offering an extra, unpaid day off.

During the holiday rush, managers typically have to process leave requests, calculate absence rates, and evaluate employee performance in addition to their routine tasks. This gets even more complex when... [Continue reading...]

Time tracking is a key point of improving your employees’ productivity

Multiple Internet resources, articles and books are devoted to the matter of personal productivity these days. Lots of guides, applications and tools are offered to individuals who want to take their productivity to the new heights. However, productivity deserves special attention not only on individual level, but also companywide.

Every effective manager and business owner is interested in increasing the output of the staff. When it comes to the methods of managing and improving performance, most of them miss out on such a substantial reserve as time tracking.

What are the... [Continue reading...]

Top 10 Ideas to Improve the Recruiting Process in Your Company

Every company needs to hire, train, and retain the best workers and each year there are many new professionals entering the field. On the path to a successful career, they have to gain valuable experience first and, for companies, the hiring process becomes a never-ending circle of onboarding.

But how can you hire effective employees? How can you ensure you’re not missing a talented one? It doesn’t matter how large a company is, its personnel department has the most difficult job. Nowadays, it’s possible to automate the recruiting process and not to worry about that perspective... [Continue reading...]