How to build custom report using Report Center

Using Report Center you can easily configure custom report meets your company requirements. LanteriaHR has a list of general reports available for each module. Some data can be extracted from the SharePoint lists using Report Builder. Let’s consider a case when you need to build a Payroll Number Report with the following fields:

- Employee Full Name;
- Employment Date;
- Job Role;
- Organizational Unit;
- Location;
- Payroll Number.

Please notice, Payroll Number is a custom field need to be created in the Employees list and included into Employee Card before you start working on a report. How to create custom field, please refer to HOW TO: Create a new field in the Employees List.


1. Open Report Center, click New Report.

2. Type the report title and select module the report will be available from. Click Next to move to Lists & Fields tab.

3. From the drop down list select Employees list to be included into the report, click Add List.

4. Choose the report fields by clicking Select Fields, click Save.

5. If you need to group employees by Organizational Unit click Add Group.

6. Click Preview tab to verify the report view. Click Save & Exit.

The report is available in Report Center, Organizational Structure tab.

7. Click View to run the report. You can export the report to Excel, Word or PDF by clicking the corresponding icon.

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