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Hiring Technology: How It Can Help Your HR Department

A Guide to Using Technology for Hiring

A Guide to Using Technology for Hiring

What do you usually imagine when you hear the word hiring? Perhaps you envision a candidate who has heard about the open position from a friend and submits a printed resume. Or, maybe you imagine a person who finds an ideal job position on Glassdoor and submits an e-application.

These two examples illustrate the same process – but one uses the help of technology. Frankly speaking, it’s rather difficult to imagine hiring nowadays without any tech-component at all. Although a person may come to an interview with a printed resume, they...

Everything You Need to Know About Progressive Discipline

How to Administer Progressive Discipline


How to Administer Progressive Discipline

Unlike what most of us may believe, people do not get fired for messing up once or twice. Yes, your boss or manager may be having a bad day and might be a bit snippy about it, but you don’t need to be anxious about losing your job. Yet. 

You see, it is very costly to hire new people. It’s much more efficient to train those already employed. As a new employee, you are not expected to know everything about doing your job from day one. No, you will be trained, and you will make mistakes. And this is where progressive discipline...

A Quick Guide on How to Cancel a Scheduled Job Interview

How to Cancel a Job Interview


How to Cancel a Job Interview

Life is so unpredictable, isn’t it? You may schedule a job interview with a potential employer and later realize you can’t come. Whether you have another appointment at that exact time, or your dog just passed away, or you have a migraine attack – you need to let the hiring manager know that you will not be able to attend the interview. We’re only humans, after all.

However, not all candidates bother notifying the employer. Some don’t show up for the interview, which is extremely unprofessional and most likely won’t give them another...

Lanteria partners with Go1 - #1 online learning platform

Lanteria partners with Go1

Lanteria is beyond excited to announce its partnership with Go1, an e-learning platform with over 100,000 courses available on subscription. With this integration, Lanteria clients will get access to the highest-quality learning content available within the Lanteria HR Learning Catalog.

Go1 helps over 1.5 million learners develop their skills using the world’s largest training library, featuring top providers like UL PureSafety, SkillSoft, Vado, and 80+ more.

Learning courses from Go1 will be integrated seamlessly into the Lanteria Learning module (Lanteria LMS), designing a...

Big news: Lanteria’s podcast “Getting clue on HR tech”

Big news: Lanteria’s podcast “Getting clue on HR tech”!

Do you like podcasts? We sure do!

This is why, from now on most of our webinars and panel discussions are available on podcast platforms, so you can listen to them on the go. We talk about HR trends, tools, and software, giving you fresh insights on HR technology.

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...and more podcast platforms on the way! 

Here is a short teaser of the two first episodes we have:

1. "Choosing your first HR software". Alex Shekho, HR software consultant with over 8 years of experience...