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Lanteria Skills


Skills exist as an entity within the Lanteria System alongside competencies. Although in our vernacular we often equate skills and competencies as synonyms, within the Lanteria environment, there are nuanced differences.

Competencies: Competencies are associated directly with the Performance Module and can be assessed in performance reviews. They are comprehensive items with descriptions and criteria, defined levels of aptitude, and are furthermore linked to job roles.


Changing employee's job role


The processes of defining and changing the job role of a particular employee are very similar. When hiring a new employee, we choose the appropriate job role from a menu of job roles that we have previously defined.

Similarly, when you wish to change the job role of an employee you simply locate the employee in the employee database. Open their employee card and click on the “Edit” icon in the ribbon at the top of the card.

Scroll down the employee card until you find the “Job Role” field. Select the new job role from the picker and click ‘Save.’

Remember that...

Changing employee's job position

The Lanteria HR system offers users the ability to view their organizational structure in a variety of ways.

On the Org Structure Chart (the link to this chart is found on the top-right hand corner of the Organizational Structure page in the Core HR section), you will see that the employees organized into departments (Organizational Units), with their full name and job position listed in the box.

An individual’s position in the organizational chart is determined by their assigned job position, which is tied directly to an organizational unit.

Thus, to change the...

Changing an Employee’s Org Unit

Lanteria HR allows for employees to be assigned to particular departments. These departments, along with their respective employees, are then represented on the Organizational Structure Chart.

An individual’s Organizational Unit is, by default, tied to their job position. To change their org unit, we must also change their job position.

1.Open the employee card and click on “change job position,” we see a number of fields available that can be edited.

2.Select the new organizational unit.

3.Choose the appropriate job position from that org unit’s job positions;...

Changing an Employee’s Position on the Employee Chart

In addition to departments, Lanteria HR offers users the ability to quickly review their organization’s hierarchy in terms of employees as well.

To access the employee chart, open the employee database in the Core HR section of the main navigation menu.

Click on the employee chart link found on the top right-hand side of the page header, then click on view to load the chart.

An employee’s position in the chart is determined by their direct manager. So to change their position in the chart, you must change who their manager is.


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