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How to design interview form template

As an employer, you know that your main job in an interview is to ask questions, but how to not forget all of them? System allows design Interview templates that will be generated for the interviewer and used for applicants’ assessment.
Let’s consider case with standard questions used during HR Interview stage.


1. To create interview form template title go to Site Contents – Interview Form Templates list. Provide template title and click Save.

2. The following questions will be used for HR Interview stage:

* Tell me about a time when your...

How to build custom report using Report Center

Using Report Center you can easily configure custom report meets your company requirements. LanteriaHR has a list of general reports available for each module. Some data can be extracted from the SharePoint lists using Report Builder. Let’s consider a case when you need to build a Payroll Number Report with the following fields:

- Employee Full Name;
- Employment Date;
- Job Role;
- Organizational Unit;
- Location;
- Payroll Number.

Please notice, Payroll Number is a custom field need to be created in the Employees list and included into Employee...

How to create organizational chart in Microsoft Visio

How to create organizational chart in Microsoft Visio

An organization chart is like a diagram used to visualize the hierarchical structure of an organization. It’s a wonderful tool, and in this section, we will look at how to create an org chart in Visio.

Using a template is the most expedient way to create an org chart in Visio. After opening Visio, click on the Home button, open the New menu, and then select the Templates tab. Once inside, go to the Business category and select the Organization Chart.

You will then be asked if you use Metric or US measurements. After choosing the one that works for you, click Create. After...

How to create views for SharePoint lists

You know that the Lanteria HR is using SharePoint lists that contain most of the data. I would like to share a simple tool that you can use to create your own views for various data available in the system.

Such views are widely used for reporting (Export to Excel option), and working with the data.
To be able to create the views you need to have the HR Admin role which has permissions to make changes to the lists. To check if you have such permissions you need to open any list, for example Job Roles list, and see if you have Create View and Modify View buttons activated:...

HOW TO: Create a new field in the Employees list

Very often Lanteria technical team gets requests to create new fields to be displayed on the Employee Card. You can easily do this yourself using the standard SharePoint functionality.


Types of fields

You can create customized fields to the Employees list with the following field properties:


Field Property


Single line of text


Allows to add up to 255 characters

Multiple lines of text

Allows to add larger texts to the field; you can choose an option to add plain or rich...

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